Raising awareness and crucial funds for MS-UK was Managing Director, Duncan Lindsay’s goal when running the London Marathon. The event took place on Sunday 26th April which saw thousands of applicants race in aid of many UK charities. MS-UK supports anyone affected by Multiple Sclerosis, a cause which has impacted lives closest to Duncan. The charity supports sufferers and families affected by the condition, through trained Advisors.  In our last interview with Duncan, we focused on the lead up to the event and the challenge of training. We interviewed Duncan after the Marathon to discuss his personal highlights and how much was raised in total. Did you feel prepared before starting the race?I was very nervous on the Saturday as this was my first Marathon. I couldn’t get my head around tapering which involves reducing your running up to the event.  In all honesty though, with work and family, I’m not sure if I could have done much more training.  What was your highlight of the Marathon? Everything! It was amazing, raising the money, the crowds and the sense of achievement. Did you struggle at any point during the event? Miles 18 – 21 were really tough! It feels as if you’re heading away from the finishing line. My legs and feet were aching. My last 2 miles were my fastest of the entire run though, so I left a bit in the tank! What time did you finish? Where you happy with the result? My personal target was 4.3. However, I finished 4.31. If I hadn’t drunk so much water I would have beaten my target… but when nature calls. How much did you raise in total? Did it meet your personal goal? In total, I raised close to £6.5k which is amazing! I ran with my brother and a friend collectively raising £14k for MS-UK. What’s your plans for future racing events? This is only the beginning. I’ve registered for the Brighton Marathon for next year and then who knows? Maybe New York! Mo Farah, watch your back.Duncan would like to thank everyone who has sponsored and supported him during this time. More
Panduit is renowned for providing revolutionary cabling and data infrastructure solutions, building a smarter tomorrow. The company has recently launched a new business application, Panduit Install-IT, designed for iPhone and Android devices. The application allows users to scan Panduit bar codes, download data sheets and locate relevant information on the go. The company has seen a rapid uptake of digital media which reduces the dependency of physical collateral. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, the new application removes the emphasis placed on paper alternatives. Users can easily download the application, giving the ability to scan product barcodes via the smart devices camera as well as browsing the Panduit catalogue.The new software provides obvious benefits for Technicians and Installers including: •    Easily access Panduit’s complete catalogue by product name, part number or description •    Downloadable installation instruction sheets to your devices memory•    Ability to review product inventory through scanning Panduit barcodes The application is designed with an easy to navigate interface and can be utilised via cellular connectivity or WI-FI. This latest development strengthens Panduit’s position as a leader in network infrastructure technologies. Install-IT provides point-to-point guidance through detailed guides and instructions, easily accessed on the go or whilst in a Data Centre. Released in 2014, Panduit’s Select Mobile Application enables users to view BOM’s, data sheets and a Distributors list. Both applications position Panduit a customer-centric organisation, putting accessible experiences in the palm of your hand. Networks Centre is the UK’s leading distributor of end-to-end network infrastructure solutions offering a range of Panduit systems. We offer the latest Fibre Optic Cabling and Copper Cabling products, designed for your next installation. As well as new developments in high density applications including Panduit’s HD Flex, available in 1U and 2U configurations. Speak to our dedicated Account Managers today on 01403 754233 or email enquiries@networkscentre.com for more information on our Panduit inventory today! More
Networks Centre is rapidly approaching its 10th Year Anniversary this October, and in preparation for this business milestone, has recently updated its company branding and website.  With a 40% increase in turnover in the last 18 months, Networks Centre is going from strength to strength; growing year on year not only in turnover, but in staff also. The business logo has changed both in font and format, and the company colours have been updated as well. In addition, www.networkscentre.com has seen a large update, in order to launch the new Services and Solutions section of the website. Networks Centre is a leading UK distributor of complete, end-to-end network and physical infrastructure products, from some of the largest names in the industry. Furthermore, in order to support their customers to a greater extent, the company now offers the following: 1 BICSI RCDD accreditation courses 2 Manufacturer-led Training Courses e.g. Siemon and Brand-Rex 3 Kitting Services 4 Product support 5 UK Termination Facility 6 Hire and lease services  7 In-house Fluke Fleet Support Management Service  8 Enterprise Networks 9 Intelligent Infrastructure 10 Cisco compatible solutions Choose Networks Centre for your next installation or data centre project, for a wide range of lines across the following categories: 1 fibre optic cabling 2 cat5, cat 6, cat 7, cat6A, and more copper cabling 3 cable management 4 containment 5 Fluke Network Testers 6 fusion splicers 7 MPO 8 MTP 9 Security products 10 Wireless 11 And much more Networks Centre can be contacted on 01403 754233 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Call us for expert advice on your next project today.  More
Networks Centre’s Managing Director, Duncan Lindsay, is running the London Marathon on Sunday 26th April 2015 Running for the charity MS-UK, formerly MSRC, Duncan has already raised an incredible £3000 from his Virgin Money fundraising page.  MS-UK is dedicated to supporting anyone affected by Multiple Sclerosis and this is a cause very close to Duncan’s heart as he explains, “My mother suffered with the disease, and after a long battle, she passed away in 1998. There is no cure and it truly is a terrible disease, but what we can do is to help sufferers to live a fuller, more comfortable and better life.” MS-UK offer support and information to sufferers and their families, via Advisors, their website, their magazine and much more. It is a very worthy cause, to support those with a disease that currently has no cure. With just over a week to go, we interviewed Duncan on how his training is going: How are you feeling about the race on Sunday April 26th? I’m nervous in case I can’t finish it. People keep mentioning ‘the wall’. What made you sign up for the challenge? I needed to get fit. So last year I did a tough mudder, then a half marathon and the obvious next stage was a marathon. I’m running with 2 others, my brother and a friend and between us we will raise over £10,000. What has been the hardest part of training for you? Finding the time. Running 5 times a week is very time consuming! What are you looking forward to after the race? Not training! Any message for those who have sponsored you? Massive thanks! More
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