Networks Centre is rapidly approaching its 10th Year Anniversary this October, and in preparation for this business milestone, has recently updated its company branding and website.  With a 40% increase in turnover in the last 18 months, Networks Centre is going from strength to strength; growing year on year not only in turnover, but in staff also. The business logo has changed both in font and format, and the company colours have been updated as well. In addition, has seen a large update, in order to launch the new Services and Solutions section of the website. Networks Centre is a leading UK distributor of complete, end-to-end network and physical infrastructure products, from some of the largest names in the industry. Furthermore, in order to support their customers to a greater extent, the company now offers the following: 1 BICSI RCDD accreditation courses 2 Manufacturer-led Training Courses e.g. Siemon and Brand-Rex 3 Kitting Services 4 Product support 5 UK Termination Facility 6 Hire and lease services  7 In-house Fluke Fleet Support Management Service  8 Enterprise Networks 9 Intelligent Infrastructure 10 Cisco compatible solutions Choose Networks Centre for your next installation or data centre project, for a wide range of lines across the following categories: 1 fibre optic cabling 2 cat5, cat 6, cat 7, cat6A, and more copper cabling 3 cable management 4 containment 5 Fluke Network Testers 6 fusion splicers 7 MPO 8 MTP 9 Security products 10 Wireless 11 And much more Networks Centre can be contacted on 01403 754233 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Call us for expert advice on your next project today.  More
Networks Centre’s Managing Director, Duncan Lindsay, is running the London Marathon on Sunday 26th April 2015 Running for the charity MS-UK, formerly MSRC, Duncan has already raised an incredible £3000 from his Virgin Money fundraising page.  MS-UK is dedicated to supporting anyone affected by Multiple Sclerosis and this is a cause very close to Duncan’s heart as he explains, “My mother suffered with the disease, and after a long battle, she passed away in 1998. There is no cure and it truly is a terrible disease, but what we can do is to help sufferers to live a fuller, more comfortable and better life.” MS-UK offer support and information to sufferers and their families, via Advisors, their website, their magazine and much more. It is a very worthy cause, to support those with a disease that currently has no cure. With just over a week to go, we interviewed Duncan on how his training is going: How are you feeling about the race on Sunday April 26th? I’m nervous in case I can’t finish it. People keep mentioning ‘the wall’. What made you sign up for the challenge? I needed to get fit. So last year I did a tough mudder, then a half marathon and the obvious next stage was a marathon. I’m running with 2 others, my brother and a friend and between us we will raise over £10,000. What has been the hardest part of training for you? Finding the time. Running 5 times a week is very time consuming! What are you looking forward to after the race? Not training! Any message for those who have sponsored you? Massive thanks! More
Purchasing the right network certification tool can be a challenge. James Reid, Sales Director at Networks Centre, recently wrote an article on Tips for Buying Testing and Measurement equipment. We’ve consolidated the article into the latest recommendations, saving you time and money.  If your company is considering upgrading or updating your network cable tester, then please take into account these important points before you invest. 1)  Choose the right equipment for your needs: Each network tester is not created equally. Even if they appear similar, many networking tools have different features and benefits and it’s important to choose the test equipment which best fits your priority list of projects/objectives or business requirements. 2)  Your business and your customers deserve the best: Scrimp on your network testing tools and you might be scrimping on business results and success. A reliable certification tester is crucial for correct project analysis. Incorrect passes of bad links can cost significant time and money, or even cost you a customer or client.  3)  Check for top vendor endorsements: Make sure that you invest in a reputable and trusted brand for your cable testing equipment. Networks Centre supply a wide range of products by Fluke Networks, please click on the links at the end of this article, to explore the Fluke Networks tester that best suits your needs. Furthermore, ensure that the product (tester) is supported. This applies for both hardware and firmware. 24/7 technical support hotlines and account representatives are ideal. 4)  Prioritise accuracy: The Fluke Networks slogan ‘Get it right the first time’ is key here. Your certification tools need to be as accurate as possible, in order to meet TIA and ISO standards, and also to support your business effectively. Ensure that your network diagnostic tool is fully compliant and stays up to date with current and future standards. 4)  Easy to use: It’s important that your network tools and software are easy to use. Not only for installers, but engineers and staff members also. Correct set up means accurate results. This is true for network troubleshooting of both optical fibre and copper cabling. For example, inspecting fibre connector end faces. Look for smartphone touch screen technology, set-up wizards, and clear results formats, in order to maintain the highest accuracy possible. 5)  The future: Purchasing new fiber optic and copper cabling testing equipment is a large investment, as we’ve explained. So, it’s critical to buy networking tools that are perfect for now, but also for the future. Check that your new test equipment and its firmware, is scalable, upgradable, and can support future cable types. 6)  Look and Feel: Choose rugged designs that are robust, but also consider the:•    dimensions and weight of the tools•    the power options•    how to upload or transfer results 7)  Helpful software In a busy business, time is money. Therefore, managing the test results from multiple copper and fibre certification testers, using only one software application, is crucial. You will need to be able to quickly display and print results, and ideally have the capacity to save results by customer, by site, by building, or by project or by date and time – for both fiber optic cable and copper cable. For help and advice from our technical experts call us now on 01403 754233. Networks Centre offer a very large range of Fluke networks testing tools for network testing of fiber optic and copper cabling, at competitive prices. Popular products in the fluke network tester range are: •    Fluke DSX-5000 •    CertiFiber Pro More
This Spring 2015, Panduit has launched its brand new HD Flex Fiber Cabling system. A high-density enclosure, with innovative cable management, for high performance data centers. The fiber cabling system is built for next-generation data center demands because it is engineered to provide optimum levels of density and serviceability, both now and in the future. Choose HD Flex to easily scale up density and perform moves, adds and changes quickly and safely in your enclosure; without disrupting adjacent circuits that can cause costly downtime. There are split trays inside the enclosure, which support safe moves, adds and changes. Choose HD Flex for a quality system that enables simple migration from 10G to 40G/100G Ethernet data speeds. In contrast to some of today’s modern data center enclosures, which can be inflexible and hinder the migration to higher data speeds. Panduit’s high-density enclosure has many benefits, which all improve data center infrastructure efficiency: Cassettes install easily from font or back in order to streamline installation. The lift-out design of the cassettes mean that patch cords can stay in place, limiting disruptions Easy access and improved serviceability with innovative cable management that positions trunk cables away from the rear of the enclosure - for quick and error-free installation, testing and deployment Minimal service disruptions mean higher uptime and reliability Split trays feature located inside the enclosure for safe moves and changes. Each half of the tray can be pulled out separately. Lower costs and maximized space with reduced cost-per-square foot To find out more or to order, contact our expert sales team today on 01403 754233. Or view our Panduit HD Flex Fiber Cabling system online now at More
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