Nobody likes to spend money replacing a tester that has proved itself to be ultra-reliable and a workhorse for Datacom Engineers the world over. That can truly be said of the Fluke DTX-1800.  After 12 years in service and over 1Billion links certified worldwide the DTX maintained its position as certification tool of choice for professionals globally. A testament to it’s advanced design and Fluke Networks best in class support. Alas, technology has moved on significantly and the replacement launched in 2013 – the Versiv DSX-5000 is proving to be a worthy successor. So what?  Why would an experienced user upgrade before 30 June 2018, the date from which calibration & service support for many DTX models will no longer be available?  In a word –Productivity. Productivity gains manifest themselves in many ways in the Versiv, some of which are not immediately apparent. One of the most obvious as you would expect is processing power. This has enabled Fluke Networks to reduce testing cycle time dramatically. For example the cycle time for Cat6A Class EA link is reduced from  22s to 10s. For fibre the improvement is even more dramatic with a 4 fold reduction certifying two fibres at two wavelengths in 3 seconds!  However that is just the beginning.  Versiv is a completely new platform developed with a holistic view of the process, starting with network design all the way through to acceptance with a project based approach. Previous generations of testers were unable to facilitate this aspect very well. Consequently productivity was reduced due to incorrect test parameters or other set up errors causing unnecessary return visits and re-testing. Indeed research has shown that over 90% of contractors have had set up, testing & reporting issues. ProjX is a new feature that enables test parameters to be set up in advance and managed for multiple testers and locations, integrating with Linkware Live Cloud Services. With a memory capability far in excess of the DTX (12,000 CAT6A results with plots vs 250 CAT6A) and the ability to upload wirelessly, there is no need for return trips to the office. Other productivity improvements come from simplifying use; The correct reference set up procedure for testing fibre link loss has long been a source of uncertainty and errors leading to inaccurate results or incorrect pass or fails. The Versiv CertiFiber Pro OLTS provides a simple to follow, automated wizard to ensure accurate reference setting by anyone who can follow simple instructions. Offering new testing and certifying capabilities not previously available, driven from an intuitive touch screen menu, the Versiv modular platform looks to the future with additional test capabilities. For example the DSX-5000 is independently verified to meet the requirements for testing Class FA - Cat 7A.  It is also equipped to test for DC Resistance Unbalance which can cause transmission issues where PoE is used in conjunction with applications using both pairs of a data cable such as Gigabit Ethernet. Many large Network Infrastructure companies have already moved their fleets over to the Versiv platform. The Gold membership support offered by Fluke and managed by Networks Centre makes it even more compelling by removing the headache of having testers away for calibration or repair. More
Network Centre Training Academy is pleased to announce a new partnership with Capitoline and Squaremile. The partnership allows Networks Centre Training Academy to deliver Data Centre Design, Data Centre Operations Management and Visio for Data Centre Professionals. Capitoline, a data centre consultancy, specialise in training experts in the design, operation and management of data centres. Our certified courses include DCD Data Centre Design and DCOM Data Centre Operations Management training. DCD Data Centre Design training is a 3 day course focusing on the best practices for infrastructure design and layouts of a data centre or computer room. Experienced trainers guide delegates through the planning and designing process. The comprehensive course covers the essentials from defining the best rack layout for your computer room to understanding the size of UPS and the generator required to provide back-up power. Delegates will learn how to implement cooling systems and what capacity is required. DCOM Data Centre Operations Management is a 2 day course specialising in the management and operations of a data centre. Delegates will learn exactly what documentation, policies and procedures you should have in place to ensure the smooth running of your facility. Delegates will learn from experienced teachers who have audited 100s of data centres around the world. Avoid common failures by learning the critical ‘must have’ processes. Each class offers a careful balance between theory and practical experience gained. Squaremile, a professional IT service provider, offers relevant training for networking specialists. Visio for Data Centre Professionals helps delegates unlock the hidden features such as data-driven diagrams, dashboards and automation. The intermediate course will save over 90% of the wasted time when creating and updating diagrams. Alongside BICSI RCDD, each course can earn delegates BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs). More information on course specific CECs can be found below: Course Description BICSI CECs Course Date BICSI RCDD Accreditation 37 25th - 29th April 20th - 24th June Capitoline Data Centre Operations Management 12 6th - 8th June Capitoline Data Centre Design 21 9th - 10th June Visio for Data Centre Professionals 14 TBC Networks Centre Training Academy continues to offer industry leading courses from BICSI, City & Guilds, Capitoline, Squaremile and more. For more information on training opportunities, call 01403 754233 or email X More
Networks Centre successfully exhibited at Data Centre World on 12 – 13th April 2016 at the London ExCel. This year, Networks Centre partnered with Siemon, promoting the WheelHouse range of advanced data centre solutions on stand G41. Siemon showcased a comprehensive end-to-end ecosystem of innovative and industry leading solutions for the data centre. This included the VersaPOD cabinet system, LightHouse advanced fibre solutions, PowerMax PDUs and much more. The Siemon VersaPOD solves the important need of physical space in the data centre. The data cabinet features Zero-U cable management throughout, via dedicated cabling highways, cable access points, vertical cable management trays and more. Dedicated cable routing eliminates space constraints often associated with standard cabinet designs. Our team showcase Siemon's VersaPOD data cabinet, LightStack and PowerMax solutions on stand G41. The enclosure also controls air flow to maximise thermal management and efficiency. As energy costs continue to rise, Siemon’s VersaPOD system improves overall air flow without sacrificing equipment and cabling density. Networks Centre also showcased the latest solutions from Socomec, Fluke Networks, Raritan and NetScout. Socomec’s UPS systems are designed to provide a back-up power supply in case of power failure. We demonstrated Socomec Micro UPS and Green Power solutions. Our partnership with NetScout continued with the demonstration of the OneTouch 10G Tester. The network tester provides an all-in-one Ethernet, Wi-Fi troubleshooting and performance validation instrument. The versatile Ethernet tester provides one-button automated testing with quick pass/fail analysis. Fluke Networks DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer improves the efficiency of copper certification with unmatched speed for testing Cat6A and ClassFA while meeting draft IEC requirements. The modular device graphically shows faults, cross talk and return loss on the taptive screen. We also showcased the latest power solutions from Raritan including the PX series of intelligent PDUs. It offers metering at the inlet, outlet and PDU circuit breaker level. The device tracks current, voltage, power and energy usage within 1% billing grade accuracy. Networks Centre is one of the UK’s leading distributors of complete end-to-end network infrastructure solutions from leading distributors. Speak to our team of Account Managers today on 01403 754233 or email More
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