Dirty fibre connectors are the number one root cause of fibre optic system failures. These failures impact timelines for delivering projects and can result in signal loss.  Inspecting and cleaning fibre connectors can reduce network downtime ensuring they are in good condition. Cleaning can remove microscopic dust particles from the ends of fibres. So how does something so small impact performance? A dust particle can interrupt a laser signal, which can cause strong back reflections and result in instability of the entire system. Particles can also cause scratches to glass surfaces, when caught between two fibre end faces, permanently damaging the connector. Whilst dust particles have their role in disrupting network connectivity, actions from installers can also impact performance. This includes: oils from hands  -  which can inhibit complete laser coverage film residues solvents or water  - which can leave a powdery coating to contaminate the fibre end further What actions should installers avoid when attempting to clean fibre connectors? Avoid blowing on a fibre-end face or using canned air, as this can cause additional damage Using fingers to remove dirt will increase the chance of oils impacting performance Old cloths or shirt sleeves are inherently dusty and therefore worsen dust exposure further Cleaning products which contain alcohol can damage the fibre end But can dust really impact performance of a fibre network? Dust particles can be 20um or larger in diameter. A 1um dust particle landing on a core of single mode fibre can cause up to 1db of loss. So how can you minimise exposure to dust on the fibre end-face? Inspect the fibre connector closely, looking for any signs of dust or dirt Perform a test against industry standards to be sure what you are seeing If the connector is dirty, carefully clean the fibre connector with a lint free wipe Once again, inspect the fibre connector checking for additional signs of dust/ dirt If the connector is still dirty, carefully use a wet cleaning technique, quickly cleaning the affected area, followed by a dry clean Ensure no residue is left which could impact the fibre end-face following cleaning Following these simple guidelines may seem time consuming but will result in optimum connectivity across your fibre network. Furthermore, these actions will minimise the likelihood of an engineer having to be dispatched to an installation, therefore saving valuable time and resources. Employing best practices can also increase the chances of a successful installation, for example by storing cleaning tools and consumables in a resealable container. This will help avoid further contamination. More
Take advantage of Fluke Networks latest promotion ‘Double Up’. For a limited time only, customers who purchase an eligible* Versiv kit will qualify for a second Versiv mainframe and FiberInspector Pro camera FREE – a value of £1,830! The new promotion is designed to make your team even more productive. With a second Versiv Mainframe, your team can do twice as much with their Versiv system: •    With all eligible configurations execute Basic/Tier 1 fibre certification and inspect fibre end faces at both ends of the link without moving the tester to the far end.•    In case a DSX-5000QOi is purchased:I.    Certify copper cabling and perform OTDR testing at the same time.     II.    Perform Basic/Tier 1 fibre certification and simultaneously have the ability to either Extended/Tier 2 certify links or troubleshoot failed links with the OTDR.Fluke Networks’ FI-7000 FiberInspector Pro certifies fibre end-faces to the IEC 61300-3-35 industry standard in just one second, providing automated PASS/FAIL results that take the human subjectivity and guesswork out of fibre inspection.Versiv accelerates every step of the certification process with a modular design that supports copper, fibre loss and OTDR testing. Versiv provides clear benefits: -    Undertake tests faster and save time on site*-    Analyse test results and create professional test report using LinkWare PC Management Software and  LinkWare Live SaaS Project Management Service -    Graphically display the source of failures with an easy to interpret diagramatic layout -    Taptive user interface simplifies set-up and helps eliminates errors Drive profitability into 2016 with Fluke Networks ‘Double Up’ Promotion saving you £1,830. * Recent studies have shown that contractors that use Versiv cable certification systems reduce costs on testing and reporting by 10%.For more information on the Double Up promotion, speak to our Account Managers today on 01403 754233 or email enquiries@networkscentre.com . *Eligible Versiv Kits are: DSX-5000QOi, DSX-5000Qi, DSX-5000-PRO, OFP-100-M, OFP-100-Mi, OFP-100-S, OFP-100-Si, OFP-CFP-Mi, OFP-CFP-Si, OFP-100-Q, OFP-CFP-Qi,OFP-100-Qi, OFPMi-MFP, OFPQi-MFP, CFP-100-M, CFP-100-Mi, CFP-100-S, CFP-100-Si, CFP-100-Q, CFP-100-Qi.TERMS AND CONDITIONS:• Customer is entitled to receive a FREE FI-7000 FiberInspectorTM Pro upon the purchase of one of the following Versiv Kits: DSX-5000QOi, DSX-5000Qi, DSX-5000-PRO, OFP-100-M, OFP-100-Mi, OFP-100-S, OFP-100-Si, OFP-CFP-Mi, OFP-CFP-Si, OFP-100-Q, OFP-CFP-Qi, OFP-100-Qi, OFPMi-MFP, OFPQi-MFP, CFP-100-M, CFP-100-Mi, CFP-100-S, CFP-100-Si, CFP-100-Q, CFP-100-Qi. Purchase Orders must include the free FI-7000 with 100% discount. The FI-7000 ships together with the Versiv Kit that is being ordered.• This promotion may not be used or combined with any other promotion or special discount offer (including the “DealMaker”).• This offer is valid in Europe, the Middle East and Africa only, on purchases between February 1st and July 1st, 2016.• This is an end-user promotion, distributors cannot claim the free FI-7000 when purchasing instruments, including demo units, for their own use.• This offer is subject to change without notice. More
Networks Centre Training Academy is pleased to announce the launch of our new City & Guilds Qualifications. City & Guilds 3667-02: 102/103 Fibre Optic Cabling in an Internal & External Environment and 3667-02: 104 Copper Cabling in an Internal Environment. City & Guilds (3667-02: 102/103) is an intensive 5 day course providing the knowledge to work with fibre safely. The course allows delegates to learn the theory of fibre optic transmission, performance issues and current standards. It also empowers delegates to fault find and interpret test results independently. We also offer the City & Guilds (3667-02: 104) Copper Cabling course designed for Datacomm Installers wanting to improve installation and testing of structured cabling. The 3 day course provides delegates with installation techniques, health and safety, data cable presentations and fault finding. Each course requires delegates to complete 2 separate examinations with multiple choice questions. The City & Guilds 102/103 Fibre Optic Cabling course features simulated exercises required to complete the course.  This includes testing fibre optic cable, interpreting test results and dressing into a closure. Our City & Guild courses are designed to integrate with your career and boost results. The accreditation is recognised world-wide, providing technical theory and practical knowledge for multiple sectors. Networks Centre Training Academy is the exclusive European provider of BICSI RCDD and manufacturer-led courses. Our Technical Services team can help advise on what course opportunities are available. For more information on our City & Guild courses, visit www.networkscentre.com/cityandguilds or call 01403 754 233. More
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