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Our Partnerships

At Networks Centre, we value our partners and strive to build strong relationships with everyone we work with. Our team works hard to develop a rapport with our partners in order to better benefit customers.

Click the images to discover how our partners have rewarded our diligent team for their collaboration!

Fluke Networks

Forming a partnership in 2007, our relationship with Fluke Networks has gone from strength to strength, winning their #1 UK Distributor of The Year Award 7 times across Networks Centre Group.

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With a common interest in sustainability and a dedication to providing high-quality products, Networks Centre are proud to be partnered with Leviton and pleased to have been awarded an Outstanding Achievement.

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Leviton Award 2024


Networks Centre are proud of our longstanding partnership with Legrand and thrilled to have become an Accredited Partner due to some of our staff completing their training, providing them with a higher level of knowledge on Legrand products and allowing them to be more equipped to help with customer queries.


Sumitomo Electric

Networks Centre’s first partner is valued strongly, forming our bond the same year we were established in 2005! By being our first vendor, our longstanding partnership with Sumitomo only grows stronger year-on-year and we are delighted to have received multiple Sales Achievement Awards over the past few years.

Pic 7
2024 Sales Achievement Award


Since establishing a partnership just a few years ago, Networks Centre and EXFO have taken the Telecoms market by storm, demonstrating expert level knowledge and ultimately being awarded Data Centre and Enterprise Partner of the Year.

EXFO DC & Enterprise 2023 Award


Our partnership with STL has only grown stronger over time thanks to our teams’ hard work and collaborations on high-volume projects, resulting in Networks Centre being named Europe Partner of the Year.

Europe Partner Award
Europe Award & Disti Cert
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