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Data Centre Solutions

We are supply partners to some of the UK’s largest co-location and enterprise Data Centres, with a wide range of solutions covering Copper, Fibre, Test & Measurement, Power, Racks & Cabinets and DCIM solutions.

Networks Centre understands that a Data Centre, whether Co-location or Enterprise is a 24/7 critical facility and operators demand the highest level of service from their supply partners. It is no coincidence that Network Centre has been selected by the largest Data Centre Co-location & Enterprise operators in the UK to provide that service.

From an infrastructure perspective, Data Centres, particularly larger ones use proportionally more fibre connections than copper when compared to enterprise buildings – BSRIA reported that in 2014 the ratio of fibre to copper in data centres was 67:33. This is why Networks Centre maintains the largest stock of network fibre cable in the UK because it is generally supplied on 2km drums and lead times from the manufacturer can be significant.

AV for distributed team communications has never been more important. Lighting, Heating and Energy conservation with variable occupancy becomes a challenge unless intelligence is inherent in the control systems. IP controlled devices have opened up building services where they previously existed in Silo’s, distinctly separate from each other. Reality has caught up with technology so adoption of smart building digital infrastructure just makes sense. The price point for IP controlled low energy devices such as lighting, HVAC, signage, security and life-safety has also decreased to make the case for a smart building strategy more compelling.

Data Centres are at the cutting edge of Network technology, requiring High-speed data connections at 4 or 5 nines reliability. Therefore they demand only the best quality and performance products.

Networks Centre have selected many of the world’s leading manufacturers as supply partners to provide a single source for complete end-to-end infrastructure. With increasing densities of fibre connection through upscaling from 10Gb to 40 or 100Gb, there has been a large uptake in high-density cassette-based solutions with pre-terminated, often made to measure fibre assemblies with MPO/MTP connectivity.

Service Wrap Around

We have recognised that it is no longer sufficient to be good at logistics and inventory management, though they are still paramount as a leading distributor. We’ve also invested in a dedicated training facility that offers courses such as network design through BICSI, City & Guilds and manufacturer product-specific courses.

By training our partners, we equip them to help building owners and construction companies implement smart building designs that can contribute towards LEED or BREEAM certification and subsequent energy savings. Networks Centre also offer services complimentary to the solutions we supply. This spans pre-kitting of racks; device IP addressing; kit labelling and capital equipment concierge services (test equipment & splicers).

It is clear that smart buildings, collectively smart cities when viewed together with other technology evolutions such as IoT and 5G, will be a key business drivers in our industry over the next decade.