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Smart Buildings

Copper, Fibre & wireless mediums for data networks are now seen as not only critical to business networks, voice and multimedia communications but also building management systems.

The Winds of Change

2020 saw new ways of distributed working greatly accelerated. Additionally distancing rules meant office space per person had to be increased, perhaps only temporarily but business planners now need to factor such eventualities into the their commercial space. Commercial spaces for all functions from schools to stadia and hotels to hospitals must be adaptable & smart for this new age, forming smart city hubs.

AV for distributed team communications has never been more important. Lighting, Heating and Energy conservation with variable occupancy becomes a challenge unless intelligence is inherent in the control systems. IP controlled devices have opened up building services where they previously existed in Silo’s, distinctly separate from each other. Reality has caught up with technology so adoption of smart building digital infrastructure just makes sense. The price point for IP controlled low energy devices such as lighting, HVAC, signage, security and life-safety has also decreased to make the case for a smart building strategy more compelling.

A Natural Evolution

As a leading Network Infrastructure supplier, we have embraced new ‘Digital Ceiling’ topologies and worked with manufacturers to ensure that we offer solutions such as PoE, wireless and fibre to the zone. Networks Centre have the expertise to provide advice on the design and implementation of the building network that will support the Digital Ceiling. This includes zone architecture to facilitate adaptations of the network, enabling new devices to be connected into an existing network with less business disruption.

Networks Centre are partnered with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to provide a single source for complete end-to-end infrastructure.

Service Wrap Around

We have recognised that it is no longer sufficient to be good at logistics and inventory management, though they are still paramount as a leading distributor. We’ve also invested in a dedicated training facility that offers courses such as network design through BICSI, City & Guilds and manufacturer product-specific courses.

By training our partners, we equip them to help building owners and construction companies implement smart building designs that can contribute towards LEED or BREEAM certification and subsequent energy savings. Networks Centre also offer services complimentary to the solutions we supply. This spans pre-kitting of racks; device IP addressing; kit labelling and capital equipment concierge services (test equipment & splicers).

It is clear that smart buildings, collectively smart cities when viewed together with other technology evolutions such as IoT and 5G, will be a key business drivers in our industry over the next decade.