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Networks Centre assists global security leader with end-to-end data solution

Cyber Security Provider


End-to-end data solutions


The company is a global cyber security leader with sites in over 150 countries around the world. They serve more than 85,000 customers worldwide and have an impressive revenue of a billion US dollars.



The company operates several security labs across the world where they test their cybersecurity products and solutions before they go live. They needed to build a new testing lab in the Netherlands and wanted to convert an existing building into a new on-premise data centre.

The problem they had was that the existing building had limited space to store products on-site and there was limited access to the data centre floor. The design of the existing building was not suitable for their business needs so they needed to refurbish it.

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We knew we could provide the customer with a better solution in terms of the containment of the cold air feeding and hot air exhausting from all the servers. Our team has strong technical knowledge and can provide dedicated consultative services to help customers choose the best products for their needs. In close collaboration with vendor, end user, consultant, and contractor.

We engaged with the end-user and started to work closely with the contractor to discuss the challenges and how we could overcome them. We invited the contractor to the manufacturer’s technical centre in Brussels so we could show them all the data centre solutions available.

We then invited the end-user and the consultant to another meeting in Frankfurt to discuss the solutions available in more detail. The end-user chose an end-to-end Panduit solution.


We provided the customer with an end-to-end complete functional solution that meets their needs and requirements. The project is due to be finalised within the customer’s desired timelines for completion, with no delays expected.

Our solution has also enabled employees and contractors to work on-site more efficiently as the products are available when they need them. This has saved the end-user valuable time and money, making our solution a cost-effective and time-efficient one.


We started planning the project at the end of July 2021 and the purchase order came in at the end of January 2022. It took roughly seven months until the first purchase order and the first delivery was at the end of March. 

The time span of the installation is only 5 months which is fairly quick considering that we are facing a worldwide shortage of raw materials and also a shortage of products. We avoided delays and reduced the lead times by reserving raw materials when the purchase order was placed.

The customer had limited space to store the products on site so we had all the products delivered to our warehouse near Amsterdam. Our team checked the condition of all the products and then shipped them to the project site when they were needed. 

We discussed the limited space capabilities with the contractor and decided that partial deliveries would be the best approach. We also used multiple systems that arranged in-sequence deliveries, so the materials they needed at the back of the data centre would be shipped first to avoid any delays.

This is an end-to-end solution worth roughly 2 million euros making it one of the biggest projects currently in the Netherlands.

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Author Credits

Ronald van Ee

General Manager - Netherlands

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