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  • Premium copper solutions or low cost alternatives?

    Premium copper solutions or low cost alternatives?

    9 August 2019

    Originally written for Inside Networks: August 2019 Issue When it comes to specifying copper cabling for use in an intelligent building, are there any genuine advantages in using a premium solution over a low cost or budget alternative? If so, what are they and how can ......Read More

  • 5 Reasons To Own a Fluke Networks DSX

    5 Reasons To Own a Fluke Networks DSX

    1 August 2019

    As part of the Versiv cabling certification product family, the DSX CableAnalyzer Series copper cable certifiers provide accurate, error-free certification. In the installation business there are multiple teams, varying media types and multiple testing requirements. The DSX certifies copper cabling, complies with all standards, making ......Read More

  • BICSI Recertification For Lapsed Credentials

    BICSI Recertification For Lapsed Credentials

    11 July 2019

    BICSI views learning as a life-long endeavour and places an emphasis upon continuing education as part of maintaining credentials and certifications. That's why, they're now offering students with lapsed certificates the opportunity to recertify, without having to resit the exam.Why Recertify? Boost your competencies and stay on ......Read More

  • 5G and Edge Networks: Fibre Outside Plant

    5G and Edge Networks: Fibre Outside Plant

    18 June 2019

    Unless you have been on Mars for the past year or more, if you work in the network cabling industry you will be well aware of the impending boom in outside communications infrastructure. This, of course, relates to 5G rollout and the associated wireless applications ......Read More

  • Networks Centre and Gromtec

    Networks Centre and Gromtec

    22 May 2019

    Networks Centre has been supplying the Data Centre market with physical layer infrastructure since our inception in 2005.  The Gromtec range of thermal management solutions, including the well-known “Air-Guard” brand, represents a logical extension to our extensive portfolio of high-quality Data Centre products.   Founded in 1992 ......Read More

  • UPS Jargon Buster

    UPS Jargon Buster

    22 May 2019

    If you’re trying to specify a UPS system, you’ll find yourself confronted, as with any technology, by a fair amount of jargon – which could be confusing if you’re not familiar with it. Our Jargon Buster below is intended to clear away any such confusion ......Read More

  • BICSI RCDD Credential Process

    BICSI RCDD Credential Process

    10 May 2019

    BICSI is a global professional association supporting the advancement of the information and communications technology (ICT) community. That's why they take their credentials seriously. Keep on reading to see the 5-step credential process BICSI RCDD's need to go through to be the top of their ......Read More

  • Why choose Fluke Networks Gold Support?

    Why choose Fluke Networks Gold Support?

    10 May 2019

    Gold Support is the comprehensive support and maintenance program for Fluke Networks' products and accessories. It's a premium level of support to minimise business downtime and ensure a high return on your investment.As a Gold Support member you'll receive:  Free Annual Calibration and Factory Refresh FREE Repairs ......Read More

  • Fluke Networks Microscanner PoE

    Fluke Networks Microscanner PoE

    1 April 2019

    The new Fluke Networks Microscanner PoE cuts through the confusion of your PoE installation by providing swift and simple PoE verification. The tester detects the available PoE class (0-8) in accordance to the latest PoE standards and displays the voltage from passive PoE sources. Everything cable ......Read More

  • Easter Bank Holiday 2019

    Easter Bank Holiday 2019

    1 April 2019

    Don’t be left without your orders this Easter! Make sure you know when we're open and how the bank holidays affect our deliveries.Deliveries collected on Thursday 18th April on a standard service will be delivered on Tuesday 23rd April. All services will return to normal ......Read More

  • Relocation: Full Timelapse

    Relocation: Full Timelapse

    14 March 2019

    We had cameras following every step of our relocation story - from building mezzanine floors to unpacking our office space but there was only so much we could fit into our final reveal. That's why, all of the time lapse footage we caught, has now ......Read More

  • An Acronym Guide for Cable Shielding

    An Acronym Guide for Cable Shielding

    12 March 2019

    What is cable shielding? Cable shielding is a layer enclosing one or more insulated conductors inside of a cable. Shielding can be made of a braid or foil or combination of both and can be either wrapped around all 4 pairs of twisted pair cable, just ......Read More

  • Fluke Networks FI-3000 Fiber Inspector Pro Launch

    Fluke Networks FI-3000 Fiber Inspector Pro Launch

    7 March 2019

    The FI-3000 FiberInspector Pro offers an extensive feature set that makes testing MPO fiber trunks easy and efficient. The multiple camera design provides an instant Live View with simple touchscreen gestures to move from full trunk to individual endfaces in real time. Automated pass/fail results ......Read More

  • The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations: Supporting Cables and Cable Management

    The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations: Supporting Cables and Cable Management

    5 March 2019

    The Data Cabling Industry has always been closely coupled to the Electrical Industry and practicing professional installers will be familiar with BS7671: Requirements for Electrical Installations aka the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations. From January 1st this year the 18th Edition came into force following publication ......Read More

  • Our Purchasing Tips For Buying Testing Equipment

    Our Purchasing Tips For Buying Testing Equipment

    4 March 2019

    If your company is considering upgrading or updating your network cable tester, then take into account these important points before you invest. 1)  Choose the right equipment for your needs: Each network tester is not created equally. Even if they appear similar, many networking tools have different ......Read More

  • Networks Centre & Harrison's Fund

    Networks Centre & Harrison's Fund

    20 February 2019

    For the third year running, we’re proud to be supporting Harrison’s Fund. Harrison’s Fund works tirelessly to get as much money as possible into the hands of the world’s best researchers, who are working to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – the most common ......Read More

  • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    19 February 2019

    Good cable management makes common sense from every angle but unless you plan your network, allowing for future growth it can be difficult to maintain long term. Here are some reminders why cable management should be embraced as an integral part of IT Networks planning ......Read More

  • Relocation: Final Reveal

    Relocation: Final Reveal

    30 January 2019

    A lot has happened in the 6 months since we announced our move. in fact, in that time we've managed to move over 1 million meters of cable in just three days, completed a £1 million refit of our new facility, acquired another company, migrated ......Read More

  • New Loaded Fibre Patch Panels

    New Loaded Fibre Patch Panels

    29 November 2018

    We've just launched our new, 1U 19" loaded fibre optic patch panels, designed to help save you time on site.                                  Features and Benefits:  Delivered fully loaded Colour coded pigtails Dressed and supplied with 2m of ......Read More

  • Fiberwash AQ Precision Fiber Optic Cleaner

    Fiberwash AQ Precision Fiber Optic Cleaner

    7 November 2018

    Some old habits die hard, even when there is clear evidence of a better method. The use of IPA, (Isopropyl Alcohol) has been the go-to cleaning fluid to remove oil-based residues from fibres, during preparation for a very long time. Typically dispensed from a small pump ......Read More

  • 6 Common Misconceptions About Fibre Cable

    6 Common Misconceptions About Fibre Cable

    23 October 2018

    These days, installers everywhere are upgrading from copper cable to fibre optics to meet bandwidth demands. Whether it is super-fast streaming video content to the business and home or simply to free up over-crowded cable routes, fibre can make sense on many levels. While these ......Read More

  • Relocation: Grand Opening of Networks Centre

    Relocation: Grand Opening of Networks Centre

    16 October 2018

    Many people can relate to moving home after living in the same house for over a decade. You accumulate a lot of stuff; Its nerve racking exchanging contracts; Getting the existing home spruced up and having to sort out what must be thrown away. Moving ......Read More

  • Eight Reasons Why Versiv Cuts Certification Costs by 65%

    Eight Reasons Why Versiv Cuts Certification Costs by 65%

    4 September 2018

    Until a few years ago the Fluke Networks DTX CableAnalyzer™ was the world’s most popular tool for certifying premises copper and fiber cabling, with billions of links certified. While the DTX has served owners well for many years, there is something better available now. Actually ......Read More

  • Relocation: Highlights

    Relocation: Highlights

    30 August 2018

    If you've been following our move, you'll know that we're very near the end of our relocation story! Today is moving day for Networks Centre Headquarters and we're packing up 13 years of business ready to start our new chapter in our new facility in ......Read More

  • Acquisition of Comms Centre International

    Acquisition of Comms Centre International

    15 August 2018

    Networks Centre Acquisition of Comms Centre International Networks Centre today announced the acquisition of Comms Centre International, a privately owned company who started trading in 1989.  The acquisition firmly places Networks Centre as one of the largest, independently owned IT physical layer distributors in the UK. The ......Read More

  • Relocation: Update

    Relocation: Update

    3 August 2018

    Back at the beginning of July, we announced our move to a much bigger and better facility. Since then, a lot has happened and we wanted to give you a brief update on our exciting journey so far. Our movers moved nearly 1 million meters of ......Read More

  • Training for Success

    Training for Success

    1 August 2018

    Training is too often viewed by company Senior Managers and owners with trepidation and tends to come well down the list in competing voices for scarce capital investment.  It’s completely understandable – Engineers are in hot demand and training is seen as non-productive time spent ......Read More

  • It's official, we're moving!

    It's official, we're moving!

    4 July 2018

    Onwards and upwards. Bigger and better. After 13 years, Networks Centre is relocating!  When we moved into the first of our seven warehouses in Horsham, West Sussex in 2005 we very quickly filled it to the brim! We went from an energetic, young start-up to one ......Read More

  • CPR Regulations: What you need to be aware of

    CPR Regulations: What you need to be aware of

    5 June 2018

    We're regularly asked about the CPR Regulations, what is mans and what our customers should be aware of. We've put together this informational PDF to help break down the new rules which are in place and what measures we've put in place to ensure compliance.  Download ......Read More

  • Fluke Networks Tester Cheat Sheets

    Fluke Networks Tester Cheat Sheets

    5 June 2018

    With so many Fluke Networks Testers on the market, it's hard to know which one is the right one, for your job. To make things simple, we've put together these cheat sheets to show what functions each tester can or cannot do! The aim of the ......Read More