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Siemon Registered Installer Course

Networks Centre Training Academy

The Siemon RI Course equips delegates with the knowledge of design and deploying telecommunication systems in commercial buildings. The course enables delegates to gain an advanced understanding of the Siemon RI family of products. It contains essential information and guidelines that must be followed in order to qualify systems for the Siemon Extended Product Warranty

Who will benefit?

System integrators or installers looking to deploy Siemon cabling systems and to gain a better understanding of design principles and practices that meet standards set by CENELEC and ISO/TIA regional standards.

Course Highlights

Horizontal (Cabling and Pathways)

Backbone (Cabling and Pathways)

Work Area (Cabling, Pathways, and Spaces)

Design and Installation Practices Registration (Certification Procedures)

Telecommunications Spaces (Closet, Equipment Room and Entrance Facility)

What are the course requirements?

It is recommended attendees have at least 2 years’ experience installing telecommunication systems.

How do you complete the course?

The RI training takes the form of a seminar with a final exam at the end.
How does the course work?

15 Year Extended Product Warranty:

Our Siemon RI course enables individuals to qualify for the Siemon 15 Year Product Warranty. The extended product warranty covers: All Siemon Registered Installers deploying end-to-end Siemon branded components & cable Siemon patch cords or equipment cords are covered under the warranty

Course Duration:

This course runs for 1 day.

Required Materials:

Notepad & pen.


You will earn 7 CEC's on successful completion of this course. To find out which of our other courses offer CECs on completion, visit our CEC page.

Course Schedule 2022

28th March 2022
9th May 2022 
11th July 2022

31st January - 4th February 2022
4th - 8th April 2022
23rd - 27th May 2022
18th - 22 July 2022

29th - 31st March 2022
10th - 12th May 2022
12th - 14th July 2022

20th - 24th June 2022
15th - 19th August 2022

6th - 9th June 2022
1st - 4th August 2022

31st March 2022
28th April 2022
2nd June 2022
28th July 2022
24th August 2022

28th January 2022
1st April 2022


28th February - 4th March 2022

20th June - 24th June 2022

Looking for more information?

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