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Industrial Networks

Networks Centre provides a range of ruggedized network infrastructure solutions to support use in harsh environments where the Internet of Things is responsible for bringing about a 4th Industrial revolution.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will revolutionize decision making. By connection the previously unconnected, we create incredible potential for businesses to improve the speed and accuracy of decisions through analysis and application of digital information.

The number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that were deployed in 2019 reached 26.6Bn. By 2021, this is predicted to increase to 35Bn! A fair proportion of these will be through Industrial Networks.

IoT is re-shaping all industries from Agriculture to Hospitals and everything in between, providing deeper insights and new opportunities to improve quality, productivity, efficiency & security. A renaissance in manufacturing in the UK is anticipated as the cost of production reduces, off-shore manufacture becomes less attractive and the business environment improves. Coupled to this the complimentary growth in 5G, distributed (Edge) data centres and associated infrastructure.

Enabling the Early Adopters

Networks Centre holds a wide range of copper and fibre network cables and components to meet the highest data speeds including Category 8 copper and high-density fibre solutions, fibre to the zone, test & measurement of both wired and wireless network equipment.

We support the data network needs of many customers who have logistics at the core of their business. They have been amongst the early adopters of this technology as there are far-reaching payoffs. IoT in conjunction with big data analytics has benefitted the entire logistics value chain.

Networks Centre count some of the world’s largest logistics companies as customers, supplying them with their copper & fibre networking needs

Provisioning for Digital Infrastructures

Networks Centre supplies some of the most prestigious names in industries in the UK, both public and private. We have embarked on a strategy with our vendors to provide ruggedized data infrastructure solutions coupled with design support, pre-termination & kitting services to complement our first-class inventory management and logistics. One of the biggest growth areas for IoT and Industrial Networks is Healthcare.

Digitization of patient records, X rays and smart devices are revolutionising patient care. These advances also mean that demands on the Network increase. When planning copper and fibre networks, consideration to bandwidth is essential to cater for demand both current and future as networked medical equipment becomes more sophisticated.