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Providing Bespoke Cable Solutions for a Large South East Internet Provider


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The company is a large internet service provider that delivers superfast broadband to homes and businesses in rural and hard-to-reach areas. They are based in South East England and have received over 100 million pounds worth of funding from the government to expand their coverage.



The company uses drop cables to connect the service pole to the property and deliver high-speed internet. Drop cables typically come on cardboard reels which are ideal when laying cables on a concrete surface, but they are not suitable for rural locations as the cardboard gets wet and damaged when it is left on grass or other soft surfaces.

They were having issues with these cables due to their rural location which was mainly farmland, hills, countryside, etc. They needed a new cable design that would suit the environment they dealt with better and make the installation process quicker, easier and more affordable.

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After speaking with the company, we suggested that a wooden drum would be ideal for their environment and requirements. After discussing the pros and cons and agreeing on a design, our manufacturers created a bespoke wooden drum that was perfectly matched to their needs.

The drums are smaller than a traditional drum and we can fit roughly 100 of them on a pallet. The compact design is ideal as the customer travels around rural locations and tends to transport products in vans rather than in large lorries or trailers. The drums are also extremely secure and robust enough to withstand the environment and natural elements.



The company is extremely happy with the solution we have provided. They especially love the fact that we listened to what their requirements were and designed a bespoke product tailored to their needs, rather than just offering them something generic e.g. cardboard drums.

The wooden drums suit their environment perfectly and have helped them overcome the challenges they were facing. They placed their first order around two months ago and have since placed another order as they were so impressed with the product.


The design was surprisingly affordable. There was a slight uplift in cost (roughly three pound extra per drum) but it’s been a fantastic investment for the company as they now have a robust drum that is suited to their environment and isn’t going to have the faults they were experiencing with cardboard drums. Replacing drums regularly can cost companies hundreds or even thousands of pounds, so a durable design is essential.

Yes! We can collect the empty drums and re-reel them so they can be reused. This approach is more cost-effective and sustainable than replacing the entire drum. It also means that the customer doesn’t have to dispose of the drums when they are finished with them.
The customer owns all of it once they pay for it – the drum, reels, etc. This means they can do what they like with the drums once they are empty. However, most companies prefer us to collect them because it means they don’t have to worry about disposing of them.

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Senior Account Manager

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