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Cutting-Edge Bespoke Solutions Delivered by an Outstanding Collaboration

As a business that strives to exceed expectations through unrivalled tailored solutions, extensive high-quality stock, and exceptional service, Networks Centre were thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Datalec Precision Installations (DPI) and Kao Data


Kao Data’s data centres are renowned for pioneering the development and operation of data centres engineered for AI and advanced computing. Their outstanding customer service and commitment to delivering secure, reliable solutions align with Networks Centre’s core values, establishing a dependable partnership.


A shared vision of encouraging the success of a project through flexibility and adaptability propelled Networks Centre’s collaboration with DPI. Their dedication to efficiency and quality drives a seamless experience for end users and compliments Networks Centre’s consistent high-quality project delivery.

Utilising an extensive range of stock and the team’s expert knowledge, Networks Centre facilitated a range of quality products from leading manufacturers, conforming to Kao Data specifications. Two types of Minkels cabinets were delivered, one designated for servers and the other for data. Networks Centre ensured compliance with specified dual cable trays and blanking panels for optimised performance.

Networks Centre’s provision extended to supplying Panduit FlexFusion patching frames tailored to Kao Data requirements for their communications rooms. Accompanying these frames, a furnished Panduit Copper infrastructure was delivered, employing their Mini-Com range, seamlessly complementing the installed patching frames.



Additionally, Networks Centre were pleased to offer Panduit FibreRunner cable routing systems, considered the leading solution in its domain for its efficient installation process. The system has certain tool-free components and a ‘Snap-On’ mechanism for expedited installation, reducing the need for extensive tools and saving valuable time and resources. 

Delivery of the complete routing system was well within the stipulated timeframe, leveraging Networks Centre’s extensive stock of products and collaborating closely with Panduit to promptly address any outstanding requirements.


Networks Centre’s commitment to timely project completion was evident in the services provided to both DPI and Kao Data, ensuring minimal delays. This was facilitated by pre-emptively procuring required materials and storing them at a facility until installation, followed by dedicated deliveries to the site for swift and secure deployment.

“It was an enriching experience and a privilege to tour one of the Kao Data facilities, showcasing the distinguishing features of their cutting-edge infrastructure.” 


– Reece Gathern, Key Account Manager, Networks Centre

“We regard Networks Centre not just as a distributor but as a partner, owing to our long-term and continuing relationship. We partnered with Networks Centre on this project because all parties fully understood the product set. They also worked proactively and collaboratively with us to ensure delivery ahead of the aggressive timescale. The delivery was of an exemplary standard and quality, and we look forward to working with them in the future.” 


– James Marshall, Head of Connectivity, DPI

“Essentially, Networks Centre act as an extension of the Kao Data team. Having a close relationship with our key vendors is fundamental in the speed of delivery for customer projects where Networks Centre play a key role. They act as a trusted partner that enable us to deliver the seamless customer service that has become synonymous and a hallmark of the Kao Data brand. It’s very common within a project for customers to add or change requirements, and working with a supply chain partner that is flexible, agile and understands this, makes sure we keep ahead of the competition!”

– Howard Spooner, Senior Customer Implementation Manager, Kao Data

The ability to offer bespoke solutions consisting of an extensive range of high-quality products is an example of the exceptional service that the partnership between Networks Centre, DPI and Kao Data provides. The efficiency of delivery and communication between all parties involved allowed the project to be fulfilled within and at times ahead of the demanding timescale.


Ahead of Schedule Delivery

– Pre-emptively acquiring and stockholding materials at Networks Centre’s facility

– Efficient, dedicated deliveries directly to the site

– Closely collaborating with suppliers to swiftly fulfil requirements


Reliable Solutions

 Consistently on-time deliveries

– High-quality and performance products from leading manufacturers

– Strong partnerships throughout the supply chain



 Extensive product range and stockholding

– Comprehensive, furnished offerings with ensured compliance

– Bespoke solutions tailored by dedicated account managers

Networks Centre are proud of the astounding success of their partnership with DPI and Kao Data on this project. The expertise demonstrated by all in this collaboration established unmatched reliability and extensive product knowledge to deliver outstanding data centre solutions. 

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