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Leviton MILLENNIUM™ Systems Event | 23rd February

In collaboration with Leviton and Fluke Networks, we held a technology update to launch the new Leviton MILLENNIUM™ System.

From product unveiling to sustainability, CPR ratings to testing equipment and termination to cheese boards! Discover what was in store for everyone who attended on 23rd February.


> Launch of the Leviton MILLENNIUM™ System

The day started with none other than the system launch presentation by Leviton’s Tony Benn. Explaining the advantages of the new products and how they can benefit end users, our guests had a crash course in the new system. Click here to learn more.


> Upcoming Developments at Fluke Networks

Following the system launch, we had a presentation on upcoming developments courtesy of Fluke Networks’ Geoff Day. After running through what we can look forward to in the near future, we then had the opportunity to get hands-on with some Fluke kit. Click here to explore our Fluke Networks range, or visit their website here!


> Termination Competition

Amongst the presentations and demonstrations, we held a termination competition. Encouraging some friendly rivalries, it was fun to see our guests getting involved to win a prize. 

Well done to Mike, who won with an impressive 42.7 seconds; followed closely by Deon who did his in just under 2 seconds more. Thank you to everyone who took part!


> British Standards vs CPR Ratings

In an interesting talk about CPR Ratings and British Standards, Network Centre’s Nick Taylor delivered some expert information via a Q&A session. Discussing the comparisons between both topics brings an insightful aspect to the field.


> Leviton’s Sustainability Piece

Brought to us by Leviton’s Kennedy Miller, we had the chance to learn all about how Leviton have worked on their sustainability and will continue to do so in the future. With plans to be completely carbon neutral by 2030, it was great to learn more about how Leviton will reach their goals. Click here to discover more. 


Many thanks to everyone who attended, and thank you to the teams at Networks Centre, Leviton & Fluke Networks for making it happen. 

Click here to discover more about the Leviton MILLENNIUM™ System.

To visit the Leviton site, click here!


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Leviton MILLENNIUM™ Systems Event