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Networks Centre Partners with Sports Business to Design UK’s First Sustainable Sporting Venue



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The company is a sporting venue that Network Centre has been working with for several years. We had not done any work for them in a while because another vendor had been introduced to them as part of a cost-saving incentive

Unfortunately, they had been left unsatisfied by the service received from the new vendor due to long lead times on products, high shipping costs, and other factors that were having a negative impact on the implementation of projects. We met with the company to discuss how we could help solve their issues going forwards.



The company wants to build an outdoor sporting venue on a green space e.g. open parkland. They want the space to have an Olympic park festival feel where people can visit the park and watch sporting events via AV screens that will be set up in the area.

The challenge is that they want to achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome without harming the surrounding environment. Their goal is to find products that will support their brand values going forwards, with a strong focus on sustainability.

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This project is still in the early stages of development, but the company has been granted planning permission and the works are due to be completed in 2029.

We are currently engaging with the architects to start planning the project at the pre-design stage to ensure that the end vision will meet the customer’s expectations.

The company wants the project to be as eco-friendly as possible, so they require products that can either be deployable or can be fixed on-site, while also complementing the surrounding natural environment.

We are looking at tweaking the design of existing products so that products can be hidden. For instance, we’re talking about running a passive network underground with access points that are covered by lawn. This means the customer can bring out screens and plug them into the underground power source so visitors can view the sporting event. The kit can then be removed quickly once the event is over and the site will be restored to a beautiful green space without harming the natural environment.

Networks Centre will be supplying a wide variety of products for this project. Many of these products are pre-existing in the industry but will be updated to suit the customer’s requirements. For example, we will be colour-coding existing products such as sub ducts to match the environment.

We estimate that approximately 20,000 fibre optic ends will be implemented during the project, along with hundreds of miles of copper cabling. We will also supply deployable cabinets that can be plugged into existing electrical cables that will run alongside the data requirement.



We are going to facilitate the project and deliver their vision without having a negative effect on the implementation of the data and the electrical requirements.

The products used will be deployable to future-proof them against changes in technology and industry standards. The equipment can be updated without the need to remove it from the existing environment and replace it.


The project has been in the planning stage for two years already. The site is due to be operational in 2027, but the project won’t be completed until 2029 when they can hold events in the environment.
This is going to be the first building of its kind that will be sustainable, with self-heating and self-cooling capabilities. We believe that the launch will be worldwide news and provide a fantastic example of sustainable design and construction.
Absolutely! We have years of experience in the industry and none of our relationships are focused on selling a product. We partner with our customers and take the time to understand their issues and find the best solution for their requirements.

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Area Manager

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