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Data Centre

We are supply partners to some of the UK's largest co-location and enterprise Data Centres, with a wide range of solutions covering Copper, Fibre, Test & Measurement, Power, Racks & Cabinets and DCIM solutions.


Smart Buildings

Copper, Fibre & wireless mediums for data networks are now seen as not only critical to business networks, voice and multimedia communications but also building management systems. Networks Centre support Smart Buildings and supply clients with a range of solutions and services.


Industrial Networks

Networks Centre provide a range of ruggedized network infrastructure solutions to support use in harsh environments where the 'Internet of Things' is responsible for bringing about a 4th Industrial revolution.



Whether it is supporting the roll out of fibre optic networks for broadband, Wi-Fi networks for a university or school campus or aerial fibre optic cables for a rural location, Networks Centre have a range of solutions for outside plant.



Investment in developing the skills of test engineers and installers proves to them they are valued members of your business. The only way to rise above your competitors is to deliver a better service which requires highly skilled and trained staff.

Hire & Lease

Networks Centre excels at offering the latest technology available to hire at affordable weekly rates. We understand that customers may want to try before you buy, in order to determine the best return on investment.


Ladies and gentlemen, Agent Scutt... our terminator. Full Panduit NetKey JackRapid Termination video and exclusive promotion coming ...

They may have only launched in August 2019, but neAlly have been providing portable network test solutions ...

As a trusted partner your customer relies on you to keep their network infrastructure current and aligned ...