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USystems: Industry Leading Cabinets & Cooling Products

The answer to your cooling and rack needs with expertly designed, innovative solutions. Benefitting from over 20 years’ experience in design and manufacturing energy efficient solutions; USystems provide an industry leading range designed to get the best out of your data centre. 

Any projects with USystems are supported by their expert team and built by dedicated manufacturers working in the same facility in Bedford, England.

Why choose USystems?

Long-lasting and easy to use with developed operational efficiencies and increased hardware lifespan

Experience versatile deployment during your project span with adaptive intelligence

Got a bespoke project? Products are modular and retrofittable for any basic or bespoke project

Built for you: Expert designers develop innovative products suited to efficient installation

Up to 93% energy savings

Up to 99% CO2 emission reduced

95% cooling white space saving

Up to 100% water saving

Enhance your data centre.

ColdLogik is the range of cooling solutions that are designed to keep Data Centres at an optimum and environmentally beneficial temperature. The ColdLogik range includes:

> Rear Door Heat Exchangers

> In-Row Coolers


Coming with various changeable options like height, width and colour; the products are adaptable to uncomplex or bespoke projects.

Replacing the need for a dedicated server room, the EDGE Micro Data Centres save valuable floor space and allow for localised computing in populated and sensitive locations. 

> EDGE-3

> EDGE-5 

Designed to best suit office and sensitive environments, USystems MDCs are soundproof for minimal disruption and avoiding workplace regulation issues. Build the product you need with customisable height, size and voltage for adaptable solutions.

Smart design is used for all premium USystems Cabinets to ensure unbeatable quality and style.

> Soundproof Rack

> USpace 4210

> USpace 5210 & USpace 5210 ODF

Customisable and heavy duty, the cabinets have variables available to ensure your product is best suited to your job. With installers in mind, designers work on development even down to the easily-removable doors for on-site ease. 

Our Aisle Containment solution is a cutting-edge, cost-effective, and energy-saving approach that encompasses both Horizontal (flat roof) and Vertical configurations, offering hot aisle or cold aisle options.

> USpace Horizonal Aisle Containment

> USpace Vertical Aisle Containment

Each option is designed to enhance cooling efficiencies tailored to your specific data center needs. This thermodynamically superior solution offers an advanced method of managing your data centre’s energy consumption.

Do your bit.

By developing efficient cooling products, USystems are doing their bit to acknowledge the importance of producing products with sustainable attributes. 

For example, when looking into Heat Extraction, a ducting kit was developed. Taking the heat away from the server cabinets as required, the ducting then gets put back into the building to heat other rooms; saving money on heating bills, using less energy and not wasting heated air.

A dedicated design team and advancements in technology allow USystems to continuously provide their customers with options that save them money as well as do their bit for the environment. 

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> Contact our dedicated sales team by email at enquiries@networkscentre.com or phone us on 01403 754233.