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Working from home is the new norm and we need reliable access to company systems over VPN. 
Employees may have also been kitted with monitors and printers but most won’t have UPS back up like they might have in the office.

Short power outages are common place in bad weather so it’s a good time to assess vulnerabilities as part of business risk mitigation planning.
Whether it’s a homeworking team, critical infrastructure such as CCTV, Telecommunications or transportation - your infrastructure needs protection from power outages.

Networks Centre is offering discounts on the Socomec range of mini UPS…but don’t be deceived….these mini UPS can deliver mighty power!
The extensive range covers every application from home-working and server rack protection to whole data room and critical infrastructure protection.
From single phase 1kVA to three phase 20kVA, the Socomec mini range will ensure your business continues to work uninterrupted.

With a full range of complimentary batteries and network cards we can help you right-size your application.
Use the tables below to select the required UPS and runtimes or let us help you chose.
Call Network Centre on 01403 771381 to speak to our team about your requirements. 

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