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Siemon UltraMAX™ Copper Connectivity System

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Siemon UltraMAX System Products

UltraMAX: A single platform ideal for your Category 5e, 6 & 6A UTP deployments

What is UltraMAX?

Siemon’s UltraMAX copper connectivity provides the ideal footprint for your category 5e, 6 and 6A UTP deployments, with its blend of usability, quality, and performance within a single platform.

UltraMAX outlets maximize usability, quality and performance into a sleek footprint that’s ideally suited for users to deliver quick, reliable terminations the first time, every time.

UltraMAX patch panels maximize functionality, aesthetics and industry-leading performance into a format that will allow users to configure their ideal system.

Experience the next evolution in UTP connectivity. It’s the categories you know, but unlike anything you’ve used.

Fast Installation: Simplify and speed up deployments with specifically designed components.

Superior Flexibility: Meet work preferences with a vast range of work area, termination, and patching options.

Flawless Aesthetics: Get a sleek, seamless look with stylish outlets and scratch resistant patch panels.

What are the benefits?

Cost-Effective Performance

Meets all Cat 5e, 6 & 6A UTP industry standards; Streamlining manufacturing to meet demand and simplify inventory.

Reliable, Guided Terminations

Ensure reliability with a 2-sided color-coding guide,  verifying correct conductor placement before and after lacing.

Fast, Consistent Punch-Downs
Quickly terminate all
4 pairs in one action with the impact tool, all within work areas and patch panels.

Configurable Work Areas

Easily install outlets in a flat or angled orientation, providing a simple option for color-coding network connections.

Versatile, Slimline Design
Available in hybrid, keystone and patch panel mounting styles, the outlets provide users with options to suit installation needs.

Easy on the Hands
Providing a trusted and secure option for both lacing and termination, the palm guard eliminates discomfort.

Adaptable Functionality
Flat and angled 24- and 48-port patch panels are a common platform and come empty, kitted, or fully loaded.

Efficient, Durable Patching

Fit for critical connections, the robust patch panels are build from high-strength steel with a scratch -resistant finish.

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