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Stuart Jordan Marketing Executive

Full Name:

Stuart Jordan.

How long have you been at Networks Centre?

Six and a bit months.

What made you want to join our team?

I was looking for a new challenge in a larger company. It’s also a completely different industry than my last role – There was not much call for fibre cable on Hornby model railways!

Tell us, what does a ‘normal’ day at work look like for you?

Nothing is normal in Marketing. It could be anything from solo web design to planning campaigns as part of a team, with lots in between.

What is your favourite/most rewarding part of the job?

The variety of tasks and the friendly atmosphere in the office.

What 3 words best describe Networks Centre?

Fun, Exciting, Amusing.

How do you ensure success for customers?

In Marketing, we have to make sure that the right message is put across to the right person, at the right time. So not much pressure!

What characteristics and skills do you value in team members?

Honesty is the most important, I think.


How have you grown professionally while on our team?

I’ve started to learn independently on Google Skillshop certification in Google Ads. This is a useful specialism within the team and will help the company in the future.

What is the one accomplishment, at work, that you are most proud of? Why?

It was always going to be difficult moving to a new company after working somewhere for over fifteen years, but the staff at NWC are so friendly that I soon settled in.

Let’s find out a bit more about Stuart…

Here’s some quick-fire questions to help us learn more about the person behind the job role!


Talk us through what your perfect weekend plans would be.

A bacon sandwich followed by a visit to the board game cafe.

What was your childhood dream job?

Marketing Executive at Networks Centre.

If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing at the office, what would it be and why?

Well, we already have a coffee machine, so I would have to say skittles. The sweet, not the bar game.

Board Game

It’s “Bring your favourite animal to work day”! What animal are you bringing?

Dogs, lots of dogs.

If we gave you £5 to spend in a local corner shop, what would you buy and why?

When I was younger, 500 penny sweets. Now, probably a pasty.

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