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Frankie Conyngham - Sales co-ordinator - Telecoms

Full Name:

Frankie Conyngham


How long have you been at Networks Centre/Comms Centre?

Four and a half years (almost). 


What made you want to join our team?

I wanted to join a team where everyone supported each other and where I didn’t get the dreaded Sunday blues! 


Tell us, what does a ‘normal’ day at work look like for you?

Lots of planning, lots of answering emails and updating customers, lots of managing orders on our system.


What is your favourite/most rewarding part of the job?

Completing an order for the customer and exceeding their expectations. Everyone loves good news!


What 3 words best describe Networks Centre/Comms Centre?

Technical, Fun, Bold


How do you ensure success for customers?

Details! It’s all about the fine details. 


How have you grown professionally while on our team? 

I started off in Customer Service with zero knowledge of the industry and went from there to then spending three years in the Warehouse as Administrator where I grew a huge amount. Now I’m back up to the office in the Telecoms team ready to learn even more. I’ve gained so much knowledge and confidence, not only in the industry but of Networks Centre and its ins and outs too.   

What is the one accomplishment, at work, that you are most proud of? Why? 

Surviving three winters in the warehouse! But really – becoming a valuable member of the company. 


What characteristics and skills do you value in team members?

Honesty, communication and the ability to maintain lighthearted-ness when working through challenges. 

Let’s find out a bit more about Frankie…

Here’s some quick-fire questions to help us learn more about the person behind the job role!


Talk us through what your perfect weekend plans would be.

Squeeze in some family time and then a mini break away somewhere in the woods with a fire, wood-fired hot tub and excellent food. If we’re talking perfect then I’m adding in surrounded by puppies! Sunday night snuggled under a blanket on the sofa. 


What was your childhood dream job?

To be a vet. 


If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing at the office, what would it be and why?

Pastries, because it’s always time for pastries. 

What is your hidden talent?

Embarrassingly, I can’t think of one. 

It’s “Bring your favourite animal to work day”! What animal are you bringing?

A dog, although sadly I don’t have one of my own to bring in yet. 

If we gave you £5 to spend in a local corner shop, what would you buy and why?

Fizzy sweets.. everyone on this side of the office is obsessed. 

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