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How can our pre-termination service benefit you?

Networks Centre offer a dynamic pre-termination service from our in-house facility, catering to any uncomplex or bespoke project.

Find out how this can benefit you.

Pre-Terminated Fibre Cabling

What is a pre-terminated fibre cable?

Cable must be terminated before installation. By adding a connector to the ends of the cable, it can connect to other cables and devices. While the termination process can be done on-site, there are benefits to buying cable that is pre-terminated. 

What are the features?

Crush resistant tubing at each end protects in transport and cable pull process.

Pulling eye attached to sock and Kevlar for added strength/pull force. Standard on length of 50 metres plus, optional on smaller lengths.

Test results and certification with each assembly shipped.

With M20 glands and nuts for installing into patch panel.

Unique assembly serial number label shows test results online.

CPR compliant LSOH cable available in Eca, Cca or B2ca.

What are the advantages?

Save Time: Pre-term cables allow for quick deployment by removing field terminations and saving you a job on-site.

Save Money: With less to do during the installation, less time spent on the job saves money on labour costs.

High Performance: When installations require critical accuracy, why not put everything in place to support this? Eliminate the risk of issues caused by poor testing, unsatisfactory cleaning and ineffective face polishing that you would get from a field termination. 

Minimise Downtime: Due to the plug-and-play design, pre-term cables are efficient for data centre environments. Whether it’s an installation or disaster recovery; you won’t be missing out for long.

Waste Reducing: Ensure a quick clean-up after installation as materials and waste are sustainably disposed of before shipping.

Patch Cords

What is a patch cord?

Patch cords are electrical or optical cables used for connecting patch panels to network devices including switches, hubs and routers. 

With many uses in most industries, patch cords improve network performance by providing a reliable and fast connection between network devices.

What are the advantages?

Design to fit your project with bespoke options available.

Eliminate space saving problems with length and width choices. 

Easily identify your leads on site with different colour options.

Have confidence in good quality products to build a robust installation.

Save money on a cheaper solution.

What are the features?

Made to order in required lengths.

Range of colours available.

Ruggedised Flat Twin, Duplex & Simplex.

All connector combinations available; including LC, ST & SC in both UPC and APC.

Available in 1.6mm, 1.8mm & 2.8mm with additional copexed bundle length options.

Available copexed in PVC, Galvanised Steel, PVC-Coated Galvanised Steel.

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