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Fluke Networks' Bundle and Save: Discover the Gold difference.

Save up to €4,400 on selected Copper and Fibre testers.

Offer running from 1st September 2023 – 15th December 2023.

Fluke Networks customers have always trusted us to provide them with the best certification testers available, renowned for their durability, accuracy, ease of use and reporting capabilities. Delivering accurate, fast, reliable, and easy-to-use cable certification testers into the hands of warranty providers, installers, and network technicians worldwide.

Fluke Networks’ Versiv™ modular platform provides unique flexibility to test both copper and fibre and works with Linkware-PC, and Linkware™ Live, the industry’s best reporting software – users have uploaded more than 100 million test results to Linkware™ Live to prove it. 

We back this up with Gold Support, the most comprehensive support package available, delivering confidence and maintenance cost control in the same package.

How does it work?

1 – Select your model; Choose from the magnificent seven!

2 – Place your order through the dedicated team at Networks Centre.

3 – Save money and enjoy instant savings.

How does Gold Support benefit you?

Become a Gold Member, and cut your maintenance costs!

Fluke Networks’ Gold Support is a comprehensive support and maintenance program that offers expanded coverage for Fluke Networks’ products and accessories.

Providing a premium level of support, minimizing business downtime and ensuring a high return on your investment.

Subscribe to peace of mind and make savings throughout the product lifetime of your Fluke equipment.

Why Fluke Networks?

Resolve and prevent your network issues today with Copper Testers from Fluke Networks.

Up to Cat. 8 cabling that can support the transmission of data up to 40Gbps over balanced twisted-pair copper cabling, Fluke Networks is the industry’s most trusted partner for cable testing.

Accelerate every step of your Fibre Certification with Fluke Networks.

Fibre optic cables have proven to be a cost-effective and reliable transmission medium, but they are susceptible to contamination and link damage. It can be time consuming and resource-intensive to narrow down the cause of failure. 

Meet the challenges of enterprise fibre optic infrastructures with OptiFiber® Pro.

OptiFiber® Pro is an OTDR capable of testing both multimode and singlemode optical fibre links for performance, for certification (with the CertiFiber® Pro) and for troubleshooting purposes.

Which products are available for savings?

Product Model Expected Customer Saving*
DSX-602-PRO/T with Gold €1,904
DSX2-5000/GLD/T €2,079
DSX2-8000/GLD/T €2,666
DSX2-5000QI/GLD/T €4,191
DSX2-8000QI/GLD/T €4,424
CFP2-100-Q/GLD/T €2,508
OFP2-100-Q/GLD/T €3,479

Get In Touch

> Networks Centre The Netherlands are ready to support you with your connectivity needs. Contact our dedicated sales team today!

Tel: +31 35 799 4230

> Email: salesnl@networkscentre.com

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