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Anti Bribery and Corruption Code of Conduct

Networks Centre Policy 2014

It is illegal to offer, promise, give, request, agree, receive or accept bribes. The UK Bribery Act 2010 creates offences and penalties for bribery and corruption. The UK Bribery Act 2010 creates a corporate offence of failure to prevent bribery, and requires Networks Centre to implement ’adequate procedures’ to prevent bribery.

Bribery occurs when one person offers, pays, seeks or accepts a payment, gift, favour, or a financial or other advantage from another, in order to influence a business outcome improperly, or to induce or reward improper conduct.
Networks Centre does not tolerate any kind of bribery or corruption.

Networks Centre prides itself on being an honest, professional and moral company. The elimination of bribery and corruption is central to our core business values.

Below is a code of conduct that covers the key behaviours, which we expect our employees, advisors, consultants, customers and suppliers to adhere to:

  • Networks Centre does not participate in any form of Bribery or Corruption
  • Networks Centre will not make or accept any form of bribe
  • Networks Centre will comply with the relevant rules and regulations in force in each country that we operate in
  • Networks Centre has set out processes to ensure that Bribery and Corruption cannot take place within its business. Employees are communicated with and given training regularly
  • All Networks Centre directors and employees are required to comply with our code of conduct and processes