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City & Guilds Courses

Level 2 and Level 3 Communication Cabling Training Courses
Networks Centre can deliver the full suite of 3668 communications cabling awards, both at Level 2 and at Level 3, leading to the much sought-after Diploma in Communications Cabling Design and Planning.

City & Guilds 3668 – 02, Unit 201

Level 2 principles of communication Cabling

This 1 day training course provides delegates with a fundamental understanding of cabling media and the basic principles that lie behind communications cabling and the basic workings of a network cabling system are explored. It can be taken independently or as a bundle with Unit 202 or 203 to gain the full level 2 award in Communication Cabling. The applications that harness communications cabling in a modern cabling system are also examined, providing a valuable insight into communications cabling and other media.

City & Guilds 3668 – 02, Unit 202

Level 2 fibre optics Cabling

This intensive 5 Day training course will provide delegates with the knowledge, installation, and testing skills that are needed to successfully install internal and external fibre optic cabling. Unit 202 aims to provide the learner with the knowledge and understanding of installation, splicing, termination and testing of fibre optic cable in patch panels/equipment racks and external enclosures. This would usually take place in an indoor/external environment involving multimode and single-mode end to end cabling.

City & Guilds 3668 – 02, Unit 203

Level 2 structured Cabling and enterprise networks

This intensive 3-day training course will provide delegates with the knowledge and installation skills that are needed to install, terminate and test copper cabling for datacomms structured cabling data networks. Unit 203 aims to provide the learner with the knowledge and understanding of health and safety, standards, installation procedures and testing of copper communication cables in an internal environment.

City & Guilds 3668 – 03, Unit 301 & 302

Level 3 safe working practises & behaviours and telecoms fundamentals (core modules)

To gain the Level 3 Certificate in Communications Cabling delegates must complete these two mandatory units (301 and 302) plus one unit from optional units (303 – 311). A total of three units are required to achieve this full qualification.

City & Guilds 3668 – 03, Unit 303

Level 3 Fibre Optics Cabling

This 3 Day Fibre Optic Cabling Unit 303 course aims to provide the delegate with the opportunity to evaluate the most appropriate fibre optic cabling that are commonly available in the communications cabling industry.

Delegates will develop their knowledge and understanding of different types of fibre, their uses and some of the standards associated with them and build upon their knowledge of fibre testing techniques and when these are applied.

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City & Guilds 3668 – 03, Unit 305

Level 3 passive optical networks (PON)

The aim of this 3 Day Passive Optical Networks (PON) Unit 305 is to give delegates the opportunity to carry out the evaluation needed for the deployment of passive optical network technologies and become conversant with terminologies as used in passive optical network systems

City & Guilds 3668 – 03, Unit 306

Level 3 structured Cabling & Enterprise networks

This training course leads to an industry recognised qualification. Gain the knowledge and skills required during your training within the network infrastructure (communications cabling) industry for specific job roles.

The purpose of this mandatory unit is for learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of safe working practices including basic principles required to work in the telecommunications industry.

Course Schedule 2022

28th March 2022
9th May 2022 
11th July 2022

31st January - 4th February 2022
4th - 8th April 2022
23rd - 27th May 2022
18th - 22 July 2022

29th - 31st March 2022
10th - 12th May 2022
12th - 14th July 2022

20th - 24th June 2022
15th - 19th August 2022

6th - 9th June 2022
1st - 4th August 2022

31st March 2022
28th April 2022
2nd June 2022
28th July 2022
24th August 2022

28th January 2022
1st April 2022


28th February - 4th March 2022

20th June - 24th June 2022

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