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AirMagnet Survey Pro Course

Course Overview

The day course is designed for network engineers and technicians who are responsible for the design and performance of wireless networks. The course would also appeal to technicians tasked with surveying wireless performance and required to understand the demands on wireless networks.

The AirMagnet Survey Pro will allow delegates to understand wireless infrastructure and planning techniques. The course will introduce delegates to the following:

  • Design a wireless network to industry standards
  • Produce a wireless plan by identifying how to view and analyse information
  • Verifying the plan against design criteria
  • Surveying wireless infrastructure and comparing results
  • Understand specific wireless requirements and produce a final report

Download the AirMagnet Survey Pro Course Booklet


Delegates will be provided with the skills to design and evaluates the performance of wireless networks. The day course enables delegates to maximise their investment in AirMagnet Survey Pro. Delegates will be able to successfully design wireless infrastructure and evaluate systems through detailed reports.

What are the course requirements?

It is recommended delegates have at least 1 years’ experience with wireless networks. Familiarity with basic design and evaluation of wireless systems is recommended, but not essential.

How do you complete the AirMagnet Survey Pro course?

The AirMagnet Survey Pro is a practical course for delegates wanting to improve the design and reporting of wireless system. Delegates must attend both morning and afternoon session to complete the accreditation.


  • Notepad
  • Pen