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Course Overview

Due to the push for greater capacity, increased efficiency and higher levels of utilisation, data centres have become more complex to design and bring online. Today's data centre designers are often required to possess knowledge in mechanical, electrical and telecommunications systems, as well as being familiar with the other needs of a data centre, such as reliability, security and building requirements.

The BICSI DCDC credential recognises those individuals who have demonstrated both the skill and ability to apply knowledge over the multiple facets of data centre design. Prospective candidates for the designation are individuals involved in the planning, implementing and making of critical decisions regarding data centres. Data centre, IT, facility or project managers, architects, engineers, designers, consultants and those planning to enter careers in the data centre design, construction or maintenance fields all would benefit from earning the credential.

The BICSI DCDC course serves as a career path for those seeking advanced knowledge in this area.

Download the BICSI DCDC course booklet.

The DC102 course will address the following areas:

  • Data centre design process
  • Site location
  • Building and support spaces
  • Computer room layout
  • Electrical systems
  • Bonding and grounding (earthing)
  • Mechanical systems
  • Telecommunications and IT
  • Ancillary systems
  • Security plan
  • Commissioning


BICSI’s DC102: Applied Data Center Design and Best Practices course is a five-day course that provides an in-depth review of best practices for designing data centres. In this course, you will be introduced to various data centre infrastructure systems.

In addition, you will have an opportunity to apply what you have learned by engaging in case studies, discussions and real-world scenarios, as well as gain practical application in data centre design best practices. After completing this course, you should be able to design a data centre based on a set of given requirements; this will include both new and retrofit designs.

In addition to data centre design, the course will also include life safety practices such as grounding and bonding to ensure that you can account for these issues when designing a data centre. On the last day of the course, you will be able to evaluate your learning through a final project and a comprehensive course assessment.


  • ANSI/BICSI 002-2014
  • Standard Laptop or tablet