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Panduit Cable Management
Panduit Cable Management
Panduit Cable Management [overview text]

Panduit's comprehensive offering of vertical, horizontal, and rack cable management solutions reduces the space required to route, manage, and protect high-cable capacities for every application, both current and future—plus they're flexible and easily added as needed at the lowest installed cost.

Panduit Products Used:

  • Panduit Blanking Panel: PT-FLBSIM-51
  • Panduit IN-Cabinet Cable Management System: CWMPV3418
  • Panduit Patch Panel: PT-CP24WSBLY
  • Patch Skinny Patch Leads: PT-TP28SP2M
  • Panduit Tool-Less Blanking Panels: 1U: PT-TLBP1S-V & 2U: PT-TLBP2S-V
  • Panduit PatchLink Front Only Horizontal Cable Managers: 1U: PT-WMPFSE & 2U: PT-WMPF1E
  • Panduit NetServe Cabinet

The Panduit Install-It App is available on both Google and Apple devices.

Panduit Cable Management [video]