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AirMagnet Survey Pro Course launches at Networks Centre Training Academy
15 February 2016
Networks Centre Training Academy is pleased to announce the launch of our new course: AirMagnet Survey Pro. The course is designed for Network Engineers and Technicians who are responsible for the design and performance of wireless networks. 

Understanding the importance of wireless infrastructure as an investment is important. Delegates will learn about maximising wireless networks and the Survey Pro software. The course covers: 

•    Planning and design of wireless networks 
•    Producing a wireless plan by identifying how to view and analyse information 
•    Verifying the plan against design criteria 
•    Surveying wireless infrastructure and comparing results

The AirMagnet Pro Survey course allows delegates to design and deploy wireless 802.11n/a/b/g/ac LAN technology for optimal performance, security and compliance. Delegates will learn how to deploy indoor and outdoor wireless LAN networks.

Design and deploy wireless networks with the AirMagnet Pro Survey Course

Delegates will be able to simulate what-if scenarios to prevent or minimise costly reworking. The Survey Pro software allows users to deploy multi-floor deployments, outdoor surveys, network design and much more. 

The course is designed to be used in conjunction with Fluke Networks AirMagnet Wi-Fi Analyzer device and integration with the AirMagnet Planner. The day course is split into two sessions: 

Session 1: Planner 
•    Introduction into Wireless Reporting
•    How to Produce Layouts 
•    How to create a report on the plan 

Session 2: Surveying Wireless Networks 
•    What types of surveys exist
•    How to view and analyse survey information 
•    Compare results 
•    Specify wireless requirements and produce reports

The course is open to Consultants, Project Managers and Network Engineers seeking to enhance there wireless and design expertise. The AirMagnet Survey Pro Course runs from 9am – 5pm. The course costs £399 + VAT with an optional course booklet fee on top.
Explore our AirMagnet Survey Pro Course and boost your expertise in wireless infrastructure today! For more information on our BICSI and manufacturer-led courses, call our Technical Team on 01403 754233 or email