Sumitomo T-72M12 Fusion Splicer
5 August 2020
Ribbon fibre technology is the best solution for the growing need of high fibre densities for hyper scale data centres and in FTTx & 5G back-haul. Sumitomo Electric are a global leader in both ribbon fibre manufacture and splicing solutions. The T-72M12 core alignment ribbon splicer has a proven pedigree, following on from the T-71M12 but with some significant improvements: 

- Faster 11 sec splicing time
- Averaging 0.014dB splice loss in SM auto mode (95% under 0.02dB) 
- Dual independent ovens with reduced heating time to just 35s 
- Auto Clamping Adjustment System saves time setting up 
- Longer battery time (180 cycles)
- Compatible with the new 200um fibre
- Wide/High resolution touch panel 
- A range of tools are available to complement ribbon splicing e.g. FC6RM-C cleaver, Ribbon Fibre holders, JR-B+ hot jacket remover & Pitch Changing Holder PCH-12. 

Watch the video to see what a great bit of kit the T-72M12 is! Networks Centre are an approved stockist for Sumitomo splicers and accessories. Call for more details or add one to your basket for a quote.