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Networks Centre and Industry Associations
6 August 2015
The past decade has seen a vast uptake in the use of fibre optic technologies – driven by the need for quality, high-speed transmission media for global organisations. In comparison, there has been significant growth in optical fibre systems being installed by private individuals or small to medium sized enterprises. The FIA or Fibre Optic Industry Association provides the necessary focus for suppliers and users, meeting standards of quality and design specifications.   

Networks Centre is a proud member of the FIA (Fibre Optic Industry Association), a body which promotes high standards of services within the industry. This is an internationally recognised association with members globally. We are a part of a network of organisations who believe our technical and business ethics work in conjunction with our customers. The code of conduct outlined by the FIA members should exercise:  
•    Honesty in dealing with staff, customers, supplier and with all individuals involved in business or official relationship
•    High standards in business dealings and in the delivery of all products and services 
•    All relevant legislation in the most practical and considered manner
•    Respect for staff, customers, suppliers and all other contacts within the business

The code of conduct applies to all FIA members, irrelevant of their membership status and activity. 

As an organisation, we follow these requirements fully, as set out by the Fibre Optic Industry Association. Since our inception in 2005, Network Centre has adopted the body’s standards. We work tirelessly with our customers and are committed to service excellence. This falls in line with other accreditations including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. 

ISO 9001 introduces invaluable quality management process which benefits our customers directly. This includes: improved quality and service, delivery times, minimising customer complaints and returns and an independent audit to ensure full commitment.  ISO 14001 covers environmental factors, looking at ways to control our impact. This ensures our impact is monitored on a monthly basis. 

Networks Centre is the UK’s leading distributor of end-to-end network infrastructure solutions. Our inventory includes a range of fibre optic solutions including: fibre optic cable, fibre patch leads, connectors, pigtails and more. Speak to our dedicated Account Managers today on 01403 754 233 or email