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Why Network Cable Distributors are Important
30 May 2013
As the world economy expands, the role of a network cable and security products distributor will become an increasingly important link between manufacturers and installers. Improvements in transport systems and global communications will allow companies to access new and alternative brands.
Distributors will be well positioned to take advantage of this changing environment and provide good quality, competitive prices and faster lead times. However, what is important to you as a customer: availability, flexibility, customer service, product knowledge or price? The answer most probably is a combination of all the above. In nearly every instance, a distributor will beat a manufacturer, by providing what the customer needs not what the manufacturer has to sell. Buying direct from a manufacturer may provide cheaper prices, by cutting out the margins of the distributors, but installers need to evaluate the pros and cons of such a strategy. Distributors allow their customers to focus on maximising their front-line services, improving their economies of scale and securing their position within the market, thereby reducing the threat from the market competition. 
Network cabling and security product distributors provide a level of flexibility that cannot be matched as efficiently or as cost effectively by a manufacturer. This is achieved by providing a wider range of quality products and brands to choose from. However, as a distributor, our job is not just to provide you with products, but to understand your requirements and tailor the way your account is serviced, to suit the way you do business.
Networks Centre understands that not all customers are the same and will work to meet your requirements, whether you are a home installer or a large company installing state of the art data centres. As part of our service, we provide deliveries to multiple addresses, split shipments and offer timed deliveries. Manufacturers on the other hand, sell in bulk deliveries and have strict lead times that cannot meet the flexibility of your requirements.
Networks Centre believes that relationships are a key component for success; together with our unique service level agreements, an expanded product range, a competitive edge and dedicated account management. Networks Centre supports the customer to win the business. Visit:
Managing Director of Networks Centre 
Duncan Lindsay