Panduit Webinar
27 September 2021

Want to learn how to increase fibre backbone bandwidth without replacing existing infrastructure?

Catch up with our lunch time OneMode™ Tech Discovery webinar, in association with Panduit.


With OneMode you can increase fibre backbone bandwidth without replacing existing infrastructure.
Supporting more connected devices, running more cloud services and finding ways to take advantage of next-generation technologies are critical for organizations who are focused on maintaining their competitive edge. 

But all too often, bandwidth limitations — and the cost and complexity of upgrading legacy multimode fiber backbones — holds them back.

With Panduit OneMode™, you can :

• Save time:
OneMode™ can be installed in half the time that ripping and replacing fiber cables requires.

• Simplify the process:
All that is needed to install OneMode™ is access to a telecom closet. No permits required, no messes made and no disruption to customer business operations.

• Avoid demolition:
Eliminate the need to trench or pull new fiber in parking lots and similar environments.

OneMode™ is a passive media converter that increases the speed of legacy multimode-fiber cables by eliminating modal dispersion. It’s designed to help meet the need for speed without having to rip and replace legacy infrastructure.

Panduit OneMode™:
• Eliminates model dispersion by manipulating single-mode laser light.
• Reaches speeds of 10, 50, or even 100 Gbps.
• Provides a faster, more economical, less disruptive alternative to ripping up legacy fiber.