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Reclaim Cooling Capacity with Panduit's Cold Aisle Containment
18 December 2015
Networks Centre is a key distributor of Panduit Cold Aisle Containment solutions retro-fitting into an existing or new datacentre environment. The solution offers roof containment (cold aisle) and vertical wall containment (hot aisle). 

The key features of the Panduit Net Contain Solution are:
•    Height adjustable frame ensures improved flexibility for 42RU to 52RU cabinets 
•    Future proofed system that allows for full frame support to accommodate multiple containment lengths 
•    Reclaim cooling capacity by up to 10% and save 27% on OpEx
•    Reduce CapEx by only adding cabinets when you need them 

Seal, Direct, Contain and Monitor to improve your PUE results, providing total separation, allowing higher data centre set points and reduced cooling system energy consumption by up to 40%. The Net-Contain Vertical Exhaust Duct and Cold Aisle Containment System eliminates hot air recirculation and mixing with cold air. This allows room and chilled water temperature set points to be raised and PUE to be lowered. 

The independent containment system is vendor neutral, allowing for different configurations. This setup allows for maximum deploy ability within this environment. Data Cabinets can be rolled out with ease, allowing for maximum movement within your data centre.

The Net-Contain system is the newest offering from Panduit which allows Data Centre Managers to take back stranded capacity and restore efficiency. The Net Containment system can easily be configured to your requirements. 

Networks Centre is a proud distributor of Panduit, known for building a smarter, unified business foundation. Panduit’s Cold Aisle Containment solution will enable you to reclaim cooling capacity and improve overall PuE. Speak to our dedicated Account Managers today on 01403 754233 or email