5 Reasons To Own a Fluke Networks DSX
1 August 2019
Fluke Networks

As part of the Versiv cabling certification product family, the DSX CableAnalyzer Series copper cable certifiers provide accurate, error-free certification. In the installation business there are multiple teams, varying media types and multiple testing requirements. The DSX certifies copper cabling, complies with all standards, making jobs easier to manage, and getting to system acceptance faster. It’s not just for the expert technicians and Project Managers. Individuals of various skill levels can improve the set-up, operation, test reporting, and simultaneously manage diverse projects. Here are 5 reasons why your team needs a DSX in their tool kit. 

1. Unsurpassed Testing Speed 
No other tester can do so many tests so quickly. Get complete copper certification to category 6A or Class FA in just eight seconds. Only three seconds for two fibres at two wavelengths in both directions. Grade fibre end faces in about a second. SmartLoop™ performs bidirectional OTDR testing without moving the tester.

2. Cut Reporting Time
Faster reporting leads to better profits. Versiv ensures that appropriate tests are completed and tracks all the test data together. Upload results from the jobsite using Wi-Fi and save yourself costly return trips to the office. LinkWare PC will then assign those results to the correct jobs and generate easy to understand reports for your customers. Your quality workmanship will be on full display.

3. Eliminate the Call-backs that Lead to Losses
End profit-killing call-backs. Versiv pinpoints cable faults simply and quickly so your team can fix them fast. ProjX limits techs to relevant tests so they can’t choose the wrong ones. Versiv guides them through the reference setting process, eliminating “negative loss” fibre measurements. LinkWare Live, meanwhile, alerts you of unexpected tests. All this reduces errors to near-zero and makes call-backs a thing of the past.

4. Manage Complex Jobs— From Anywhere
Use Versiv’s ProjX management system to enter cable types, test limits and a job’s cable identification labels just once. Share the data across multiple testers. Change modules or jobs without re-entering details. LinkWare Live lets you set up testers without bringing them back to the office.

5. Maximize Your ROI
A recent survey of 216 contractors shows a 10% profit increase and a 66% decrease in testing and reporting problems for Versiv users. And Versiv is backed by Fluke Networks’ twenty-five years of cable testing history, which means you’re supported by training courses in fifty countries, and access to thousands of support articles and technicians with 162 years of combined cable testing experience. Keeping your projects on budget and on time, every time, wherever you are.