Push-Pull LC Fibre Optic Patch Leads
27 August 2019
Fibre Optic

The LC Push-Pull Uniboot connector combines several important functions making patching operations much easier, especially in high-density environments. It has three main advantages over standard LC patch leads.

The latching mechanism is a Push-Pull design. This allows for the connector to be easily disconnected without having to depress the latch mechanism found on standard LC connectors. The simple pull of the tab that extends past the back of the connector boot allows the connector to release, ensuring easy usability in high-density environments.

Correct polarity is becoming more and more technical with many installations requiring both straight and crossed patch leads. Without the use of any tooling, the Push-Pull connector can easily change its polarity without fear of damaging the fibres. This means that you will always have the right configuration for your patch leads.

The Uniboot style connector uses 3mm jacket LSOH cable which provides a 50% reduction in space normally used in patching situations. This reduction is especially important in high-density patching environments where a cabinet, crowded with patch leads, can severely restrict airflow and therefore affect efficient cooling.

All patch leads are 100% tested and individually bagged with the test certificate incorporated into the label affixed to the bag. Through our stringent manufacturing process, our patch leads have a maximum expected insertion loss that should not exceed 0.3dB and will typically be much lower than this. Our patch leads are also subject to tension, vibration and impact tests to ensure reliability.

Find out the performance details of our new Push-Pull LC Fibre Optic Patch Leads by downloading the datasheet