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  • Fiberwash AQ Precision Fiber Optic Cleaner

    Fiberwash AQ Precision Fiber Optic Cleaner

    7 November 2018

    Some old habits die hard, even when there is clear evidence of a better method. The use of IPA, (Isopropyl Alcohol) has been the go-to cleaning fluid to remove oil-based residues from fibres, during preparation for a very long time. Typically dispensed from a small pump ......Read More

  • Fibre Optic Cleaning

    Fibre Optic Cleaning

    5 March 2018

    A high-quality fibre optic installation starts with clean fibres and connectors. Clean mating surfaces give you faster transmission rates, higher bandwidth and maintenance-free operation. FOCCUS™ brand products from Chemtronics provide all the tools needed to quickly clean connectors and ports. The point cannot be driven home ......Read More

  • Cleaning and Inspecting Fibre Connectors

    Cleaning and Inspecting Fibre Connectors

    3 February 2016

    Dirty fibre connectors are the number one root cause of fibre optic system failures. These failures impact timelines for delivering projects and can result in signal loss.  Inspecting and cleaning fibre connectors can reduce network downtime ensuring they are in good condition. Cleaning can remove ......Read More