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Versiv Test Professional
Versiv Test Professional
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The Fluke Networks Versiv Test Professional Course enables students to gain a wider understanding of test standards and fault finding. Students will take part in hands-on demonstrations of the Fluke Networks DSX-5000 and CertiFiber Pro. Individuals will participate in basic certification through to advance fault finding. The aim is to troubleshoot independently utilising the information gained from seminars.

Download the Versiv Test Professional Course Booklet.

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Who Will Benefit? 

The Fluke Networks Versiv Test Professional Course is ideal for network installers seeking a better understanding of the Versiv platform, who require a refresher with Fluke Networks latest cable testers, or who desire to expand their knowledge of certifying copper and fibre infrastructure. Individuals will learn about industry best practice and how to effectively certify both copper and fibre infrastructure.

Course Highlights

Practical demonstrations and hands-on activities
Industry standards and best practice guidelines
Fibre Testing (OLTS & OTDR)
Understanding Projx
Inspection and Cleaning Procedures
Linkware Results Management Software

What are the course requirements?

Engineers and IT Professionals are recommended to have at least 1 years of experience in installing and certifying network infrastructure. Basic knowledge of the Versiv platform would be prudent but not essential. It is recommended students bring a Fluke Networks cable tester to training.

How do you complete the course?

The Versiv Test Professional Course is a seminar and practical based programme designed to increase attendee knowledge, utilising the Versiv platform. Students will be encouraged to take part in practical activities to reinforce the lesson objectives. The course is modular allowing students to enrol in either copper, fibre or both.

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Course Duration:
This course runs for 1 day.

Required Materials:
Notepad & pen.

You will earn 7 CEC's on successful completion of this course. To find out which of our other courses offer CECs on completion, visit our CEC page.

Networks Centre Fluke Fleet Support Service:
Designed for customers who own several Fluke Networks testers, our Support service takes the stress out of calibrations, services, accessory replacement requests and technical support.

Read more on our Fluke Fleet Support Service page.

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