NCTA Course Schedule [table]

 Networks Centre Training Academy (NCTA) supports a flexible approach to course dates ensuring that we meet the expectations of our customers.
Our programme schedule is updated on a regular basis and we understand the importance of planning ahead.
We encourage enquiries and welcome the opportunity to provide a course on a different day to those listed.       


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We are currently following government guidelines to reduce infection risk and have put in place practical measures to ensure individuals safety.
We expect to be running our BICSI Installer and City & Guilds courses over the summer months, please check this page for updates on these courses. 

*Online/Virtual Courses do not include weekends. 

Course Description2021 Course Date
Siemon RI Training

20th April 2021 
30th September 2021
23rd November 2021
Versiv Test Professional29th July 2021 
2nd September 2021
14th October 2021
18th November 2021
16th December 2021
City & Guild 3667-02: 101 - Foundation29th March 2021
7th June 2021
5th July 2021
4th October 2021
8th November 2021
BICSI DCDC Accreditation
TBC due to Covid
City & Guild 3667-02: 104 - Copper Cabling 
30th March - 1st April 2021 
8th - 10th June 2021
6th - 8th July 2021
5th - 7th October 2021
9th - 11th November 2021
City & Guild 3667-02: 102 / 103 - Fibre Optic Cabling 
12th - 16th April 2021
21st - 25th June 2021
19th - 23rd July 2021
27th September - 1st October 2021
25th - 29th October 2021
15th - 19th November 2021
BICSI TE350: Technician Training Course

TBC due to Covid
BICSI IN250: Installer 2, Optical Fiber Training
TBC due to Covid
BICSI RCDD Accreditation    [Online/Virtual]*

19th - 29th April 2021 (8am-12pm GMT)
5th - 15th July 2021
4th - 14th October 2021 
EUSR SHEA/ CSCS Card                      

9th July 2021
8th October 2021
12th November 2021
QDCI (Qualified Data Cabling Installer )       

5th – 9th July 2021
4th – 8th October 2021
8th – 12th November 2021

Course Schedule
Course Schedule
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