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Using the correct tool for the job is very important, cutting cables, cutting kevlar and precise triming of conductor ends all require different tools. The kevlar cutter has a serated blade to ensure it csan be cut in one operation. The cable cutter has curved blades to avoid flattening the cable during the cutting operation and the side cutters ensure excess cable can be trimmed from jacks easily.

  • Designed utilising hardened steel in order to make it a strong and durable fibre optic cable cutting tool.
  • The Kevlar cutter allows for efficient removal of the kevlar from the fibre optic cables.
  • A no hassle solution with long life blades.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • The hardened steel Kevlar Cutters are strong and durable.
  • An ideal companion in any tool kit.
  • The blades have been designed to achieve the hardness, straightness and perfect alignment required to cut through thick kevlar on fibre optic cabling.
  • The serrated edge blade allows for efficient removal of kevlar.

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Product Code:TO-HT-C151