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SOCOMEC 3000VA/2400W 230V 50HZ UPS
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The SOCOMEC ITYS range are the perfect UPS solution for Professional workstations, Server, Storage and corporate networks ,  Industrial automation , Security & Telecom systems.

Utilising online double conversion technology with sinusoidal waveform, these UPS completely filter  out all disturbances from / to the mains power supply and ensures maximum protection of the utility. Constant output voltage and frequency regulation makes ITYS compatible with different applications, operating environments and generator sets.  Automatic bypass supplies the loads in the event of overloads or faults.  These compact tower UPS systems save space in the operating environment.

With wide input voltage tolerance this limits the switchovers to battery mode prolonging the battery life.  Manual bypass is also provided for periodic or emergency maintenance.  Wide battery configurability and flexible battery management available for all ITYS models to ensure power supply continuity in the event of an outage. The modular battery extension meets a wide variety of power back-up times according to the load to be supplied.  Modular battery extension also enable limitless increases in autonomy, even after installation.  A Powerful battery charger models guarantee constant and reliable operation using external high capacity batteries, therefore providing supply continuity during long outages.

  • Single phase input/output range.
  • The 3000VA/2400W 230V 50Hz UPS has a wide range of communication protocols available as options for integration into LAN networks or building management systems.
  • Each unit has a clear and uncluttered LCD interface for easy UPS monitoring and has on-line double conversion (VFI).
  • This UPS is the solution for local and IP network management solutions.

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Product Code:SOC-ITY2-TW030B