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  • Networks Centre presents the 3M Hotmelt Connector as part of our extensive fibre optic range.
  • Hot Melt connectors are pre-loaded with adhesive, so there is no mixing of epoxy and no syringe required.
  • Termination for the 3M Hotmelt is simple by inserting the connector into the oven, allow it to reach the desired temperature while preparing the fibre wheel. Then remove the connector and fit the fibre.
  • Allow the Hot Melt connector to cool before polishing.
  • Available in MM and SM (SC and ST) 
  • Compatible with other SC and ST connectors and adaptors.
  • Termination kit which contains all of the tools and consumables required to terminate the Hotmelt is available.
  • The 3M HotMelt is an industry favourite due to its reliability, performance and ease.
  • A convenient field connectivity for fibre optic connectors.
  • Hot Melt connectors fit every application.
  • All connectors have ceramic ferrules and different coloured boots to enable easy port identification.

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