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The company is a specialist rural internet provider that is rolling out superfast broadband services to homes and businesses as part of the Government’s Superfast Broadband Programme.

They are experts in delivering fast, reliable telecoms solutions using fibre optic cable to reach 500,000 customers in any hard-to-reach community using a combination of fibre and fixed wireless access networks. 


The company is a relatively new business to the market with limited storage space. They needed a partner that could deliver flexible options on fibre cables warehousing and to assist with warehousing and redistributing 700 kilometres of both 48 fibre ultra-lightweight fibre optic cable and 48 fibre micro cable they couldn't hold. 

This challenge needed to be resolved as quickly as they wanted to become the primary altnet provider in North East Yorkshire.


Networks Centre provided 700km of ULW , blown and direct bury fibre optic cable along with splitter cassettes to divide the fibre. Networks Centre also provided wall cabinets for housing and protection of the cassettes to prevent potential future cable damage. 

The products take two or three weeks to arrive and the customer can use them immediately. The optical cable is delivered to Networks Centre on hundreds of pallets, which aren’t suitable for the customer to use so they then have to prep the cable reel so it can be handled by the customer.

Networks Centre take the original cable label details and then place them onto  new reels so that cables are in manageable sizes, making distribution and use as efficient as possible.

Optical fibre cables are stored in a UV protected location, preventing direct contact with excessive heat or excessive humidity and other contamination.  Suitable mechanical aids and reel movers are used  to safely transport fibre from one location to another such as not to compromise the cable jacket or the fibre itself.

Networks Centre already had fibre optical cable available in their warehouse, so they used this stock first to speed up the delivery process. Over time, and as trust was built, the company started buying their own dedicated stock and Networks Centre held it in their warehouse and managed it for them. They make sure the drums are correct and ready to dispatch locally for them.

Comprehensive stock reports, cable description, notifications on shipments, and updates on any delays are included in the accounts service reporting.


Trust was the key factor to delivering an effective telecoms cable warehousing and distribution programme. The company wanted to be able to work with Networks Centre as a key project stakeholder and partner. 

Networks Centre managed the entire cable warehousing and distribution process, allowing the customer to focus on their core business tasks. They built a strong partnership based on trust and worked together to create effective warehousing and redistributing solutions.

The company is growing very fast and Networks Centre are proud to be part of that journey. 

Next Steps

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Author Credits:

Jack Hawley - Senior Account Manager

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