Course Schedule 
Networks Centre Training Academy supports a flexible approach to course dates ensuring that we meet the expectations of our customers. Our programme schedule is updated on a regular basis and we understand the importance of planning ahead. We encourage enquiries and welcome the opportunity to provide a course on a different day to those listed.

Course Description Course Date
BICSI RCDD Accreditation

11th June - 15th June 2018

BICSI DCDC Accreditation

4th - 8th June 2018

Versiv Test Professional

3rd May 2018
7th June 2018
5th July 2018
9th August 2018

Siemon RI Training

17th May 2018
21st June 2018
19th July 2018
23rd August 2018

AirMagnet Wi-Fi Analyzer and Spectrum XT TBC
AirMagnet Survey Pro


City & Guild 3667-02: 101 - Basic Principles of Communications Cabling

19th June 2018
13th August 2018
8th October 2018

City & Guild 3667-02: 102 / 103 - Fibre Optic Cabling in an Internal & External Environment

25th - 29th June
15th - 19th October

City & Guild 3667-02: 104 - Copper Cabling in an Internal Environment

20th - 22nd June 2018
14th - 16th August 2018
9th - 11th October 2018

Squaremile - Visio for Data Centre Professionals Course