Course Overview

Visio for Data Centre Professionals prepares delegates when planning and designing complex IT diagrams. The 2-day course offers insight into the hidden features of Visio and more.

The Visio for Data Centre Professionals (1&2) teaches delegates to create data-driven diagrams of data centre capacity allocation and resources. Learn about:

• Creating diagrams linked to spreadsheet data
• Advanced floor and rack diagrams
• Developing diagrams which show power usage, capacity and function
• Exporting diagrams in different formats for distribution purposes

Download the Visio Design for Data Centre Professionals Course Booklet


Delegates who specialise in the field of data centre operations will be introduced to the Visio suite of products. The course is designed to provide an intermediate look at the planning and data of data centres

The two-day course offers advice on working Visio pages, diagrams and text including advanced stencils and templates and MS Office integration.

Both days will feature clinics which cover data centre diagrams, building and equipment room diagrams, floor plan layering and capacity dash boarding

What are the course requirements?

It is recommended delegates have had some experience with Visio. Delegates should be:

• Familiar with using personal computers and using a mouse and keyboard
• Comfortable with Windows and the ability to use Windows to manage information on the computer
• Able to launch and close programs, navigate to information stored on the computer, and manage files and folders
• Experienced using Visio or Visio for IT Professionals

How do you complete the course?

Delegates must enrol on both days of the course to complete the accreditation.


All course materials are supplied. 

Modules Content 

  • Visio Versions and Comparisons
  • Revision of Basics within Visio
  • Working with Visio Pages and Text
  • Stencils & Templates
  • Drill Downs & Hyperlinks
  • IT Infrastructure Diagrams
  • Custom Properties and Shape Data
  • Data Graphics
  • Advanced Stencils and Templates
  • Shape Reporting
  • Visio Integration