Course Overview
The Siemon RI Training is a 1-day course designed for system integrators or installers looking to deploy Siemon cabling systems. The training enables students to gain a better understanding of design principles and practices that meet standards set by CENELEC and ISO/TIA regional standards. 

The manual provides guidance on both requirements and recommendations for topology, cabling distances, acceptable media, transmission performance for telecommunication outlets, as well as connector types and pin/pair assignments.

What are the course requirements?

It is recommended attendees have at least 2 years’ experience installing telecommunication systems. 

How do you complete Siemon RI Training?
The RI training is a 1-day course which takes the form of a seminar with a final exam at the end.

Download the Siemon RI brochure.
Course Content
Attendees will learn about the standardisation of design and installation methods for telecommunications within commercial buildings. Students are provided with a Siemon EMEA Registered Installer Manual which covers:

• Horizontal (Cabling and Pathways) 
• Backbone (Cabling and Pathways)
• Work Area (Cabling, Pathways, and Spaces)
• Telecommunications Spaces (Closet, Equipment Room and Entrance Facility)
• Design and Installation Practices
• Registration (Certification Procedures)

All course materials are supplied.

Modules Content

Siemon RI Course Outline

Module 1: Floor Distribution
Horizontal Cabling
Building Backbone Cabling
Campus Cabling

Module 2: Backbone Cabling Principles  

Module 3: Telecommunication Spaces

Module 4: IP Convergence
Supporting Innovation & Integration

Module 5: Electromagnetic Compatibility
Electrical Safety
Earth Bonding

Module 6: Installation Practices & Design Guidelines

Practical: Termination of Z-MAX Cat6 Module

Module 16: Exam