The Panduit building block architecture for industrial networks is a highly effective way to deploy EtherNet/IP solutions in a plant floor environment.

Panduit’s network zone systems building block helps to deploy switches from Rockwell Automation and Cisco and provide a platform to improve manageability, localise network traffic, and limit Layer 2 broadcast domains

The network zone systems allow all cables within a cell/area zone to be managed and patched within a single enclosure. By using a zone cabling architecture, network cabling becomes easier to locate, manage, and maintain because each additional device is routed within the same pathways and enclosure.

Managed cabling reduces the number of home runs throughout a facility and reduces abandoned cable in cable route spaces, to make the workplace run more efficiently and safely.

Networks Centre can supply a range of complimentary products to implement an industrial Network infrastructure.  Contact your Networks Centre Account Manager or call us to learn how we can help you to build your Industrial Network.

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